Donald Cerrone Fires Back At Conor McGregor

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Conor McGregor’s recent run of trash talking has seen the lightweight and featherweight division slated by the UFC interim featherweight champion, as he went on a rant during a recent episode of UFC Tonight, and also at a Wednesday media lunch. After claiming he would retire Jose Aldo and KO former opponent Joe Duffy, ‘The Notorious’ changed his stance somewhat on ‘Scarface’ now claiming he wants to do his best not to scare the Brazilian champ.

After this tirade of rather hilarious taunts, McGregor also slammed UFC lightweight champion Rafael dos Anjos and his upcoming opponent Donald Cerrone, as per MMA Fighting:

“I wouldn’t want to fight a lightweight guy to get the numbers because who the f—, Rafael has nothing, Donald has nothing,” McGregor said. “Rafael will be looking to make six figures this fight, and rightfully so. He shouldn’t even make six figures, because he doesn’t even bring in six figures. Donald will scrape six figures because he shows up and fights every couple of weeks. But he don’t earn much more than that. I already have the numbers, so when I go to the lightweight division, it will be to gain more gold, to warm up my other shoulder.”

These jives didn’t fall on deaf ears though, as ‘Cowboy’ fired back today on Twitter, reminding McGregor that the two will meet face-to-face this week at the ‘Go Big’ presser on Friday September 4.:

Could there be a potential future bout on the cards between Cerrone and ‘The Notorious’? If McGregor makes good on his word to move up to lightweight after fighting Jose Aldo at UFC 194, that could be a seriously fun fight. Who knows, perhaps it will be a superfight, or maybe they’ll be two former title challengers tying them up for entertainment’s sake.

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