Diana Belbita receives a series of crazy requests from deranged UFC Fan: ‘Strike me in the groin repeatedly’

Diana Belbita

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of deranged messages female fighters receive from crazed MMA creeps online, Diana Belbita is here to offer you an example.

The UFC strawweight standout recently shared a rather disturbing request she received from a man whose tastes are very…singular. In the message, which she shared on social media, Belbita is asked to torture him and inflict serious pain throughout two 45-minute sessions.

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of messages women fighters get, here’s an example,” Belbita wrote on X followed by a screenshot of the lengthy request.

Hi there!

I am 52 years old, live in Florida, and am an admirer of women who are physically strong and who can fight. I seek a unique experience…

I am looking for a female fighter who is willing to lock me in a room and overpower me in a fight while torturing me and inflicting some serious pain. I’m not looking to get hurt or hospitalized but I am looking to experience some very severe pain delivered by a woman who knows how to fight.

You must be willing to:

– Cause several pain in numerous ways (mostly grappling but also striking)
– Let me fight back – so you must be confident u can win (I am 5’9” 170lbs)
– Choke me unconscious 2-3 times (possibly more). You can use legs or arms or switch it around.
– Continue hurting me even if the match is very one sided and I am begging for mercy
– Strike my body repeatedly and bruise me all over the torso area
– Strike me in the groin repeatedly
– Use physical force to prevent me from leaving the room early
– Let me film how you tortured me (for my own use only)

If you are qualified and interested in doing this with me, I can offer you $1000 for you to torture me for 90 minutes (split into two 45-minute sessions) as well as cover your round trip air travel to Florida and hotel expense (1 night), if needed.

This is not a joke and I hope it’s not insulting – I have tremendous admiration for female fighters and it’s something I could never do it myself. Some guys like to receive pain with whips and chains. I am kind of like that but prefer kicks, punches, chokes and armbars so I am hoping we can have a mutually beneficial arrangement:

Please email me back and let me know if you might be interested in doing this with me. At least maybe talk to me on the phone for 10 minutes before you say “no” – I’m happy to answer any questions you might have… I am looking to do this in December or January. If we are a good fit for this, we can possibly do this multiple times a year!

Thank you in advance!


To be fair, the request is much more respectful than 99% of the unsolicited messages women like Belbita receive online, but $1,000 does seem like a lowball offer for such services. Not that we’d know from experience.

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Moving on…

Belbita, 27, is coming off a unanimous decision loss to Karolina Kowalkiewicz a few short weeks ago at UFC Vegas 80. Since making her promotional debut in 2019, ‘The Warrior Princess’ is 2-4 inside the Octagon with wins over Hannah Goldby and Maria Oliveira.

Transcription courtesy of MMA Mania