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As you all know.  Vitor Belfort had to pull out of UFC 112: Invincible (due to a shoulder injury suffered in training) against Anderson Silva.  Which is a very important event.  Seeing that it will be UFC’s first time having a fight card in Abu Dhabi on April 10th and it will also be the first series of fights to be held outdoors in the open air.

This is what Dana White had to say about the whole situation:

“It’s always tough when a top fighter like Vitor Belfort has to pull out of a big title fight, but we have found a high quality replacement. Top contender Chael Sonnen was not available due to injuries sustained in his fight with Nate Marquardt, so top six middleweight Demian Maia will step in to fight for the title. Maia is an Abu Dhabi grappling champion, a five-time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu world champion, and he is 12-1 in MMA and coming off a win over Dan Miller at UFC 109. Anderson Silva vs Demian Maia will be a matchup between MMA’s best striker and MMA’s best grappler.””

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Is it me or is Dana White just trying to hype another fight that we all know will end up as a complete dominant performance by Anderson “The Spider” Silva?  Why not give the title shot to a higher top ufc middle weight contender than Demian Maia who is only number 6?

Don’t ever think Ed Soares isn’t going to give us his 2 cent comment about who Anderson Silva should fight, how terrible they are, who Anderson Silva opponent should have fought, how much better Anderson Silva is than his opponent, and blah blah blah…:

“”I think it’s a shame that Chael wasn’t able to take the fight because I know with all that crap he was talking about Anderson this and Anderson that it would be interesting for him to put all those things he had to say into the octagon,” Soares said. “But then again, you’ve got Demian Maia here who is a guy who submitted Chael stepping up here and taking the fight on less-than-two-months’ notice.

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“We appreciate Demian stepping up and taking the fight on such short notice, and now you’ve got two of the best at what they do stepping into the octagon.”

Seems like Ed Soares knows this might be a easy victory.  Seeing how Demian Maia took the fight on less than a two months notice.  So what will Ed Soares do to train Anderson Silva differently for his next opponent, Demian Maia?

Now finally Demian gives the media a shout out on how he feels about getting the lucky title shot of a lifetime:

“I knew about it last night. I still can’t believe it. My manager called me and they asked if I wanted to fight for the belt. I said ‘of course, you don’t even have to ask it’…. I’ll have time to prepare an strategy. I’m coming from a heavy training camp and I’m in a fight rhythm. I’ll let my body rest this week and I’ll start the training next week…. I’ll go train boxing with Luis Carlos Dorea (Nogueira brothers Boxing coach) for sure. My physical preparation wlll be with (Rafael) Alejarra…. If I say to you that I’m gonna exchange with him I’ll be lying. It’s the same thing if I say he’ll go to the ground with me. But I’ll go to this fight ready for everything. It’s a title fight and the title always was my dream. I imagined having this title shot a year ago, but I had two more fights and God, for one reason, gave it to me now.”

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Will this end up being another Thales Leites beat down fight?  Anyways, Demian Maia seems pretty happy about the decision despite the bickering of fans.  Good luck to both Demian Maia and Anderson Silva when they fight each other at UFC 112.