Reigning One flyweight champion and former UFC champion, Demetrious Johnson discusses henry Cejudo’s recent unsuccessful title bid.

UFC bantamweight champion, Aljamain Sterling earned arguably the biggest win of his career when he fended off former two-division ruler, Cejudo. However, the bout was a close one and the two combatants shared success throughout the 25-minute contest. While the decision was no robbery, some did feel that Cejudo should have gotten the nod, one of which was his former foe turned training partner, Johnson.

Demetrious Johnson weighs in on Henry Cejudo’s performance.

Talking on The MMA Hour, Johnson discussed the recent title fight, and while he still scored the fight for Cejudo after a rewatch also feels that at some points he ‘dropped the ball’.

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“I do [still think Cejudo won],” Johnson said. “I can see how they gave it to Aljo. I haven’t talked to Henry about it yet. I don’t want to give away the things I think.

“I thought [Cejudo won] 3-2, but looking back, going into final round, I had it tied, two for Henry, two for Aljo, and I felt like Henry did enough. That’s the thing though, I’m judging it off my feelings, ONE Championship [rules], because there were times where — I’ll say this, Aljo does a great job, he did an amazing job. I didn’t account for his wrestling, for Aljo to get him down like that. I know Aljo is a better grappler than Henry, because he got his back, tried to get the hooks in, right?” (H/T MMAFighting)

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Talking more specifically, Johnson believed that Cejudo didn’t take advantage of Sterling staying grounded after attempting takedowns.

“The thing that Aljo did good, he would shoot, Henry would defend it, then Aljo would stay there,” Johnson said.

“For me, I have nothing but love for Aljo, nothing but respect. He does a good job of utilizing that — he shoots, Henry stuffs it, he stays down there. He never got punished for that. That’s where Henry kind of dropped the ball. He should have either circled behind him or [stuffed him down], shuck him by, and whatnot. That’s my opinion.”

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Demetrious Johnson on The MMA Hour

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