Dana White says UFC heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier could put his retirement on hold for a third fight against Jon Jones. This comes after Jones reclaimed the UFC light heavyweight title after DC relinquished it just a day before UFC 232. Jones beat Alexander Gustafsson in the headliner by third-round TKO.

Obviously, there is no love lost between Cormier and Jones. Originally, Cormier was planning to fight Brock Lesnar in January then retire in March. Only problem with that is Cormier not being cleared to fight and his fight with Lesnar being up in the air.

Now, with Jones being back in the fold, White says Cormier is “all fired up” about it. Thus, he could be fighting past March 2019.

“I was talking to Cormier during the Jones fight,” White told MMAjunkie. “He was obviously very angry this week leading into this fight. There was no talk from his camp about him retiring without another fight. Maybe he was just going to fight one more fight.

“It sounds to me like Cormier’s ready to fight two or three more fights before he thinks about hanging it up.” “You know me: I’m always the first to say when it’s time for somebody to retire. Cormier’s the man – it’s not time for him to retire.”

White understands the bad blood between these two fighters and isn’t upset with Cormier for all of the words he has said this week.

“Cormier will fight anybody,” White said. “Cormier hates Jones so bad. He was on a rampage this week, and he was being a bit of a drama mama this week. But I don’t blame him. They hate each other. When you hate somebody that bad, it brings out the worst in you.”

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