Dana White sticks to his guns, removes all Peloton bikes from UFC Performance Institute

Dana White

Dana White is a man of his word.

The UFC CEO revealed that all Peloton-branded bikes have been removed from the UFC PI. White made the announcement in a video on his Instagram stories.

White made the call to remove all Peloton equipment during an appearance on comedian Theo Von’s podcast. During their conversation, Von revealed that Pelaton, a sponsor of his at one time, demanded that he take down an interview with Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

That prompted White to deliver one of his signature expletive-laced tirades, tearing apart Peloton CEO Barry McCarthy and promising that all Peloton equipment at the UFC PI would be promptly placed in the trash.

“We’re getting rid of the Pelotons…Pelotons are out of the gym,” White said. “My guys are going to take the Pelotons out of the gym today. We’re getting rid of them. We’re going to go throw them in the f*cking garbage today.”

Peloton Offers an abbreviated response to Dana White

A spokesperson for Peloton told Newsweek that the company follows brand safety guidelines which include “politics on either side, left, right, center.”

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The spokesperson explained that Peloton initially asked Von to alter the advertising “in proximity” to content related to politics, such as the episode with Kennedy Jr.

Peloton reportedly continued to advertise with Von’s podcast until another episode earlier this year which discussed pornography, which also goes against the brand’s guidelines, prompting Peloton to pull it’s advertising from the show.