It’s been an odd couple of weeks for fans and detractors of UFC light-heavyweight champion Jon Jones. Perhaps the people put in the most awkward situation are his employers. Are they meant to publicly slate their biggest star, thereby possibly impacting his ability to sell tickets, or simply let it slide past and potentially alienate those of us who believe he should be held accountable.

With many favoring a stern approach, perhaps UFC president Dana White is starting to re-think the whole messy situation. It appeared at first that the UFC prez was not really too interested in punishing his 205-pound marquee fighter, but he reveals to Sportscenter via Damon Martin that his stance may well have changed:

A far cry from the sympathetic and understanding White who first said he was glad that “Bones” was getting himself together. Or maybe we all read in to this wrong? Maybe now the champ has spent one night in rehab, the appropriate punishment or disciplinary action can be considered by his employers. Either way, we surely haven’t heard the last of this strange tale.

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Next up Dana White revealed that when Brock Lesnar’s WWE contract is up, he wants to talk with the former heavyweight boss, and also spoke more about Jon Jones:

The rumours of Brock Lesnar making a UFC return never really stopped swirling after his final fights. He took a severe beating from current heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez, and then a hitman like finish at the hands and feet of Alistair Overeem. Still, the wrestler once dubbed as ‘The Baddest Man On The Planet’, albeit by Dana White, would still be one of the biggest draws on the roster should he return.

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So a busy time for the UFC, who started 2015 with one of the biggest cards and feuds in the promotion’s history. Merely weeks later and the headlining champion from January 3rd stands at a crossroads in his young career. Strange how things pan out, isn’t it?

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