UFC president, Dana White has dismissed concerns and criticizm regarding the disclosed fighter pay for the newly-introduced Power Slap League, after UFC alum, Eric Spicely confirmed he was approached to feature on the TBS network show, for a show and win purse of just $4,000.

White, the current president of the UFC, has continually defended the notorious issue of fighter pay and fair compensation in the last number of years, routinely encouraging critics and fans to create their own organization, and pay fighters what they feel they deserve if they have qualms about UFC fighter pay.

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“Fighter pay has continually gone up every year since we owned the business,” Dana White said back in 2021. “Obviously, there’s been tons more opportunities with the outfitting policy, some o fhte sponsors that we’ve brought in that spent tons of money with the fighters too. There’s a lot of opportunity here for the fighters. And listen, there’s never gonna be a guy that’s coming out and saying, ‘Yeah, they’re paying me too much. They’re overpaying me.’ And all of these guys that are champions share in the pay-per-view revenue.”

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“Listen, if you don’t like it, go start your own MMA league and pay ‘em whatever you want to pay ‘em,” Dana White explained. “This is mine and this is the way we’re doing it.” 

Dana White defends Power Slap League fighter pay

Responding to critics who pointed out Spicely dismal offer of $2,000 to compete under the Power Slap League banner, and a further $2,000 if he emerged victoriously, White claimed fighters on the undercards of professional boxing make similar fight purses.

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“How MMA started too,” Dana White posted in an Instagram comment section. “Boxing undercards make this kind of money still. Educate yourself before u open the YAP.” 

Earlier this month, UFC leader, White hit the headlines after footage emerged of the promotional head honcho striking his wife in the face during a physical altercation on New Year’s Eve last during a vacation in Mexico.

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