Dana White sounds off on boxing’s pay structure compared to UFC: ‘Nobody could make a living out of it’

Dana White confirms post-fight bonus winners will receive $300,000 checks at UFC 300 It's done

UFC CEO Dana White has never shied away from talking about fighter pay.

One of the biggest criticisms around boxing and MMA is that fighters are not being paid a lot of money. However, White has defended what the UFC has paid fighters and has had support from fighters as well.

Although boxers can make upwards of $50 million a fight, some lower-end boxers don’t get paid much. But, speaking on Shannon Sharpe’s Club Shay Shay podcast, White compared boxing to UFC pay and pointed to boxing being on life support.

“Boxing got so f*****up that nobody could make a living out of it, that Saudi Arabia had to take it over. A group of people that have so much money, they don’t care whether they make or lose money,” White said (via GiveMeSport).

Dana White

White then claimed all UFC fighters are taken care of from top-to-bottom. White then said whoever doesn’t like what fighters get paid can start their own MMA promotion.

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“If you don’t like the way that it’s run here, there’s no barrier to entry, set up your own MMA business, and you pay the guys whatever you think you want to,” White said.

Dana White has criticized boxing’s pay model in the past

This isn’t the first time that Dana White has taken shots at the pay model in boxing.

Back in 2022, White said fighters always want to make more money, so he isn’t concerned about the criticism over fighter pay. He also blasted boxing and said the sport got ruined by how much money the fighters were making.

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“Fighters always want to make more money,” White said to GQ (via BleacherReport). “Boxing has absolutely been destroyed because of money and all the things that go on. It’s never gonna happen while I’m here. Believe me, these guys get paid what they’re supposed to get paid. They eat what they kill. They get a percentage of the pay-per-view buys and the money is spread out amongst all the fighters.

“If you don’t like it, there’s a simple solution to this problem: Go start your own MMA organization. No barrier to entry. Knock yourself out. Pay ’em whatever you want to pay ’em. It’s been done before. How’s it worked out for other guys? Not well. Mind your business,” White added.

Dana White

As long as White remains in charge of UFC, it seems unlikely that fighter pay will increase all that much.