Dana Reveals Conor McGregor Won’t Apologize For Bus Attack

Dana White Defends Conor McGregor
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With UFC superstar Conor McGregor now in police custody and facing assault charges, fight fans and the general public alike are all interested in what will happen next.

UFC President Dana White said he spoke to McGregor right before the Irishman turned himself into police at the 78th Precinct in Brooklyn on Thursday night, and it seems like McGregor doesn’t fell at all bad about his actions (via MMA Mania):

“Conor and I talked through text yesterday, obviously the worst conversation we have ever had. It’s not that I don’t think he understood what happened, it’s just … he justified it, it was justified to him. … [He thought] it had to be done.”

“I honestly don’t know the answer to that question (if he’ll fight in the UFC again). We were working on a new deal and new plan for him all this week, and then he shows up and this happens.”

”We were working on a new deal that was going to pay him ridiculous money,” White said. “There’s still the talk of the Floyd Mayweather fight potentially happening (in the UFC), and he’s a sponsor’s dream. I have no explanation for it.”

McGregor, flanked by SBG teammate Artem Lobov and dozens of goons, stormed the Barclays Center on Thursday morning and attacked a bus containing fighters who were preparing for Saturday’s UFC 223 card.

Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg sustained injuries due to broken glass that forced both men out of their respective fights. Lobov was removed from the card due to his participation in Thursday’s melee.

What comes next remains to be seen, however, it will likely get worse for McGregor before it gets better.

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