There is no doubt that any fan would be excited for a rematch in MMA. Especially if there is a rematch between heated rivals, a fight of the year, or a contoversial ending. It is always exciting to see how the loser changes their tactics to try and match their opponents. It is fun, but maybe not back to back.

Fans have started to see rematches being made by the UFC back to back. One is ok and maybe even fun to watch but when an orginazation gets into the fans are unhappy with what they  are seeing. For example Machida vs Shogun. It is undoubtedly that there was controversy in this fight. Throughout the fight Machida was unable to evade the tactics of Shogun and was being punished through the five rounds. Shogun utilized the leg-kicks and battered Machida. Despite his efforts the decision was given to Machida. Some say even a deff, dumb, blind man could have known Shogun Rua had deserved the win. IN this situation it is with no doubt there should be an imidiate rematch. Sense the fight ended in controversy Shogun remained the #1 contender. He was granted a rematch as he deserved. But with Shogun having the rematch it may have been unfair to other tittle contenders. In this case sense Rua won the rematch it was fair, but if he had lossed it may have been a waste in some fighters eyes. 

Machida vs Shogun had been a rematch for a deserving challenger, but when the UFC again makes the mistake and gives BJ Penn a title rematch against champion Frankie Edgar. This is a rematch for the champion. Throughout the fight Edgar used his speed to an advantage. HE landed several big shots and phisically damaged the eye of BJ Penn. He scored several takedowns against what seemed to be a lazy BJ Penn. In the end it seemed that Edgar was deserving of the belt, which he was given. Sense the champion, BJ Penn had lossed, maybe this means he is not the deserving champion and should be sent back to the bottom of the heap to regain his contender status. Instead he is given a rematch and ii may seem very unfair. Frankie Edgar won’t have the chance o live like a champion and knock off top contenders like any champion. The fans may want to see wether he has what it takes to be a champion and have some real fights. Gray Maynard has beaten Edgar already and maybe he should have first chance to steal the belt.

We have not heard anything as to a rematch between fighters like Jon Jones and Matt Hamill. Was rewarded the win even though Jones had dominated throughout the fight. Illegal elbows thrown by Jones Resulted in a DQ. It is unfair to the him that he does not get a deserved rematch. Wiman and Danzig. After a bad call by the referee the fight was stopped granting Wiman a submission win. IF there is no rematch both fighters will b e angry. Joe Silva needs to watch the rematch status for the enjoyment of the fans.