Conor McGregor’s coaches give a peak into The Ultimate Fighter 31

Coaches of former two-division UFC champion Conor McGregor, John Kavanagh and Owen Roddy, were recently interviewed by TheMacLife, where they were asked what their experience has been like on the set of TUF 31, where McGregor and Michael Chandler are currently serving as coaches.

They were asked what they thought of McGregor’s coaching abilities, and Roddy responded with the following:

“Yeah it’s great to see the passion he has. The passion he has for fighting, you can see it in him now, he has it for coaching as well. He’s trying to give the guys an insight into how he thinks, more so than – he’s shown a lot of techniques, but it’s his mindset. I think that’s one of Conor’s biggest aspects is his mindset, his ability to go in there with this belief in his ability and in his team and project that into his fighting.”

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Coach Kavanagh was then asked about when McGregor coached at his gym back in Dublin:

Yeah for a couple years there he ran the boxing program (at SBG). (He’s) not much different (now than he was then), his classes were always extremely popular because of the amount of energy he puts into them. Whether it’s teaching a bunch of beginners how to throw their first jab back in the day, to now with fairly seasoned professionals.”

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The two were then asked if McGregor and Chandler weren’t on good terms, considering Dana White stating some sh*t went down not long ago:

Roddy answered with: “He’s definitely done a few things. Whether he’s got under Michael’s skin (or not), I don’t even think Conor cares whether he’s got under his skin. Conor just lets people know where he’s coming from, and he definitely has done that, so yeah tune into the show (and) you’ll see the chaos ensue.”

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The same question was then asked to coach John Kavanagh: “There’s definitely been moments where it’s got a little bit heated, but I’ll let all the amateur sports phycologists break it down in the comments for me.”

The Ultimate Fighter returned after a two-and-a-half-year break in June of 2021, but season 29, as well as season 30 left many of us fans wanting more, a better show even. But now two of the most exciting knockout artists in the sport are serving as coaches and it couldn’t be more exciting to see.

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