Conor McGregor: We Will Take Dos Anjos Without A Problem

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Irish megastar Conor McGregor may be fighting Jose Aldo for the UFC featherweight title in the biggest bout of 2015 this July, but that doesn’t necessarily mean “Notorious” only has his gaze set on the 145-pound division.

It seems the former Cage Warriors Fighting Championships (CWFC) lightweight (and featherweight) champion wants to take over more than one of the UFC’s lighter weight divisions.

Speaking at the UFC 189 World Tour’s stop in Los Angeles yesterday (March 24, 2015) McGregor proclaimed that not only is he coming for Aldo’s long held featherweight crown, he’d also take the lightweight strap from newly minted champion Rafael dos Anjos, as well (courtesy of MMAFighting):

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“We will take Aldo and we will take dos Anjos, without a problem.”

McGregor has absolutely set the featherweight landscape ablaze since his UFC debut in early 2013, lending it newfound fame and attention that it most likely never would have enjoyed had he not come along. He’s definitely alienated many of the division’s top fighters along the way, but that’s all part of the fight game to him.

McGregor obviously plans on winning the belt, and if and when he does, he’s willing to go back to 155 pounds under one condition.

“The featherweights must beg now,” he said. “They must beg for pardon, beg for forgiveness. If that’s the case, if they apologize and beg, I’ll leave the division. I won’t terrorize them anymore. They can have their division back. They can go back to being on the prelims and I’ll go to the lightweight division.”

If he does indeed go back to lightweight, McGregor said that he’d even be willing to face his friend Khabib Nurmagomedov, the smothering Dagestani grappler who will earn the next lightweight title shot if he can get past Donald Cerrone at May 23’s UFC 187. According to “Notorious,” there are no friends in fighting.

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“There is no friends in this game,” McGregor said. “Business has no friends.

“The opponent is non-existent. It’s the gold. The gold and the cash — that’s all I’m after.”

McGregor upped his trash talk game by taking Aldo’s belt and daring “the little old f— to come and get it” during a photo shoot yesterday (via Instagram).

Will he say the same thing to dos Anjos or Nurmagomedov someday? And if he did, could he back it up?