Conor McGregor celebrates Paradigm Sports’ $5.1 million lawsuit win over Manny Pacquiao, threatens Artem Lobov

Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor is celebrating Paradigm Sports’ legal victory over boxing legend Manny Pacquiao the only way he knows how; by tweeting and deleting.

On Wednesday, Paradigm Sports, who represents some of the biggest names in combat sports including, Conor McGregor, was awarded a $5.1 million settlement after a ruling that their former client, Manny Pacquiao, was in breach of contact after negotiations for a bout with Mikey Garcia fell through. Paradigm reportedly fronted Pacquiao $3.3 million for the bout which never materialized. Paradigm was awarded that plus an additional $1.8 million in damages. With lawyer fees and interest, Pacquiao will be forced to pay $8 million in total.

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Conor McGregor reveled in Paradigm’s win in a since-deleted tweet, sharing thoughts on his agency’s big day before turning his attention toward former friend Artem Lobov.

‘Manny owes 8 in all. 5.1 he owes and then 2.1 in legal costs,” McGregor tweeted. “Legal fees are heavy but that’s what we do. Heavy weight operations. Rartem, you already owe me two rounds of court fees, awarded by the judge. There will be a judgement put on your home as this progresses because I know you won’t have my legal fees. I will have no choice but to take your home. You are a mad thing lol. Silly c*nt.”

Last year, ex-UFC fighter Artem Lobov sued former friend Conor McGregor, claiming that he played a pivotal role in the inception of the Irishman’s popular brand of whiskey, Proper No. 12. Lobov sued for unpaid profits after McGregor sold the brand to Proximo Spirits in 2021 for a reported $600 million. The case was eventually thrown out with Lobov ordered to pay McGregor’s legal fees.

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Following Paradigm’s win over Manny Pacquiao in court, the sports agency’s CEO issued a statement, saying:

“We are elated to learn of the jury’s ruling in Paradigm’s favor in our suit against Manny Pacquiao,’ Paradigm CEO Audie Attar said. “The jury plainly found that Pacquiao testified falsely in denying Paradigm’s claims against him, and his excuses for his conduct proves our case that a breach of contract was committed.

“We are appreciative of the court’s time and the jury’s careful attention to the facts of this case. Hopefully, Manny will have learned a lesson from the verdict and will henceforth act with the honesty and integrity that was so lacking in his treatment of Paradigm.”