Conor McGregor Decisions Nate Diaz In Thrilling Rematch

Photo: Joshua Dahl for USA TODAY Sports
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The second and perhaps final chapter in the Conor McGregor-Nate Diaz saga took place inside the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. The welterweight scrap served as the main event of UFC 202. “Notorious” (20-3) suffered his first loss inside the Octagon when he was submitted by Diaz (19-11) in their bout at UFC 196 back in May 2016.

Going into the rematch, many wondered if McGregor could find a way to defeat the Cesar Gracie Fight Team stalwart. That question was answered on Saturday night (August 20).

“Notorious” got a majority decision victory in a dog fight.

As you probably guessed neither fighter touched gloves before the bout began. McGregor wasted little time working the leg of Diaz with kicks. Diaz looked for a jab, but it was slipped. “Notorious” landed a combination and dropped Diaz with a straight left hand. He returned to the leg kicks once Diaz got back up. Diaz was popped with an overhand right and he was walking a bit gingerly. McGregor’s timing with leg kicks was on point. The first round was absolutely dominating for McGregor.

Early in the second frame, “Notorious” dropped Diaz once again. McGregor sent his opponent to the canvas a third time and let him back up. Diaz’s nose was a bloody mess. McGregor kept picking his spots at the perfect time and countering. Diaz moved forward and landed a combination as he sensed his opponent was slowing down. Diaz pushed McGregor towards the fence and landed a knee to the body. He landed some more punches. McGregor was slowing down, but he hung on.

Diaz landed a jab early in the third frame. McGregor definitely looked tired. Diaz pressured “Notorious” against the fence. McGregor popped Diaz with a right hand and suddenly had more pep in his step. McGregor went for a spinning kick to the body, but Diaz caught the leg and pushed him towards the fence. He dropped down for a double leg, but McGregor avoided it. Diaz landed a combination on the break. As McGregor moved away for space, Diaz taunted him. Diaz pelted McGregor with a relentless combination. Diaz continued the onslaught, but “Notorious” survived.

For the first time inside the Octagon, McGregor made it to the championship rounds. McGregor landed a one-two combination and popped Diaz with a jab. He connected with a leg kick and landed another jab. Diaz’s face was a crimson mask and McGregor had him off balance with a hard leg kick. McGregor began to tee off. Diaz pushed his opponent against the fence and went for a takedown. Diaz landed a knee to the body. “Notorious” reversed the clinch and landed a combination. Diaz returned fire and had McGregor off balance momentarily. McGregor nailed Diaz with a left hand. Round four was certainly much better for the featherweight champion.

McGregor landed a leg kick at the start. “Notorious” threw out a flying knee. They engaged in the clinch and McGregor turned it around. Diaz dropped down for a double leg takedown, but he couldn’t get it. Diaz landed a combination and then proceeded to flip his opponent the bird. Diaz connected with an elbow in the clinch. McGregor turned the position around with about a minute left in the fight. Diaz got back control of the clinch. Diaz scored a takedown in the final seconds of the fight.

One judge saw the fight even. The two other judges gave McGregor three rounds and that’s what earned him the victory.

Final Result: Conor McGregor def. Nate Diaz via Majority Decision (48-47, 47-47, 48-47)

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