Conor McGregor Aiming For Lightweight After Title Win

conor mcgregor

UFC featherweight Conor McGregor plans on becoming the first UFC champion at 145 pounds and 155…..

There has been a lot of talk about a potential Conor McGregor title fight in recent weeks, and his UFC 178 victory may be what makes that banter in to reality. “The Notorious” dusted “Diamond” in round one, scoring a swift and dominant victory in Las Vegas, Nevada. UFC 179 title challenger Chad Mendes already said he wants a piece, and UFC president Dana White says a fight with Jose Aldo makes sense.

In a matter of one year, McGregor has gone from a hype train to a divisional wrecking ball, and will likely be fast tracked to a title shot with his PPV influence and large following. Speaking with Severe MMA, “The Notorious” says he plans on moving up to lightweight after winning the belt at 145 pounds:

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“If you do what you say you’re going to do, look what happens? I’ve skipped the queue and now I’m the world title contender, I’m number one contender. My next fight is most likely going to be for the title. After that there will be no catching me. I’ll win the belt, maybe I’ll defend it in the Aviva and then I’ll challenge for the lightweight belt, then who knows? That’s definitely in my plans, you better believe that,” 

Say what you like about Conor McGregor title fights and how fast he is being linked to them, you have to give credit where it’s due; the guy knows how to sell himself. The modern MMA game comes with prerequisites, one of which is to have a charismatic aura in the media. The trash talk, the cocky attitude and lavish cars/suits all come together to make McGregor the biggest overnight sensation in the UFC today, possibly ever.

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“If a 155 fight came up I will take it. I’m only gone 26, I’m not going to be making featherweight my whole career, it’s a tough cut. I do it and I do it professionally, but it’s tough. It’s going to be in the summer. I’ll win the belt, possibly in January or February in [Las Vegas] and then I’ll defend it in the Aviva in June or July. It’s definitely in the Aviva next summer.” 

It’s one thing predicting when you’ll finish your opponent, but foreseeing winning the title and defending it in Ireland is a whole different ball game. As the MMA world still struggles to decide what to make of the enigma that is Conor McGregor, it seems his confidence is higher than ever. It pays to remember also that McGregor won belts in two weight classes during his time at CWFC.

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Get ready for a not so surprising cage entrance by McGregor at UFC 179, as the Irish bad boy is set to attend the event headlined by Jose Aldo vs Chad Mendes 2. Tehn we’ll likely be mere months away from seeing if McGregor can back up his biggest prediction to date….