Chuck Liddell Works Out Naked in Most Disturbing Viral Ad of All Time

Last night, many of us were shocked and saddened by a video floating around the ‘net that featured Chuck Liddell, completely naked, working out with his girlfriend, also completely naked. The video was notable for a number of reasons:

1) The girlfriend has been I.D.’d as Jose Canseco’s ex, Heidi Northcott. I will now pat myself on the back for my powers of observation.

2) Chuck didn’t wipe down the machine when he was done with it.

3) As CageWriter put it, “is the camera man a crazy, obsessed fan? How is this person still alive?”

4) After the video was originally taken off YouTube, it popped up on DailyMotion under the title “Antonio mckee highlights,” which is brilliant because nobody would ever think to search for that.

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Even Jimmy Kimmel was mystified by the clip. But the truth has been uncovered — it was a viral ad for Reebok ZigTechs, a new shoe line that Chuck endorses. (Which is strange in itself considering that MMA fighters don’t compete with shoes on, but whatever.) So here’s a question: Now that you’ve seen Chuck Liddell’s blurred-out ass and package, are you more or less likely to buy Reebok ZigTechs?

Related: Jose Canseco owes $320,000 in back-taxes and won’t be fighting for Strikeforce. So this video is pretty much the last thing he needs right now.