UFC Hall of Famer Chuck Liddell has had all kinds of wild moments inside the cage; including his trilogies with Tito Ortiz and Randy Couture.

But the “The Iceman” concerned fans and critics alike back in 2007 when he appeared incoherent during a television interview with “Good Morning Texas” while promoting the film “300”.

During a recent podcast chat with UFC president Dana White, Liddell was asked about the infamous 2007 sitdown and gave more context surrounding the unusual moment.

“I took Ambien. I was having problems sleeping back then,” Liddell said. “They didn’t wake me up mentally, but they got me to that show somehow.”

Following the infamous interview, which garnered over a half-million views on YouTube, White grew increasingly concerned over Liddell’s mental state and flew to Texas with business partner Lorenzo Fertitta to confront the former UFC light heavyweight champion.

Liddell also said that following the interview, he couldn’t remember flying back home to San Luis Obispo, California, and was in a haze due to the Ambien pill. At one point during the interview, WFAA anchor Gary Cogill had to shake Liddell awake and asked whether or not he could continue the live segment.

Liddell was issued a drug test by the Nevada State Athletic Commission following the interview and passed without any concerns.

White also addressed the moment and talked about the challenges of being in the spotlight that UFC fighters have to deal with on a regular basis.

“The hard part is these guys dealing with fame, money, girls and all the things that come along with it,” White said. “We had that moment with Chuck.”

Following his career in Mixed Martial Arts, Liddell has lived a relatively quiet life away from the octagon. He has made several television appearances, including a ESPN 30 for 30 documentary surrounding his rivalry with Ortiz.

What are your thoughts behind the backstory about Chuck Liddell’s infamous “Good Morning Texas” interview?