Jon Jones is arguably the greatest fighter of all-time, but his brother, Chandler, who is an elite NFL player, thinks he would win in a fight.

Why he thinks so is simple. Jon uses his reach to dominate his opponents, but Chandler says his arms are longer than Jon’s:

“Listen, he has the longest arms in the UFC,” Chandler said to TMZ Sports. “My arms are longer than his. That’s my brother, I love him to death, but I’ll kick his ass!”

Add in the fact that Chandler is a professional football player and has to get past 300-pound offensive lineman, and he says that would play a factor in the fight. The NFL star pointed out he has a wrestling background and is simply stronger than his brother is:

“I would wrestle him. I’m more strong than he is,” Chandler adds. “Listen, I’m not trying to brag, but I go against 300-pound men every day. Jon Bones is like, what, 235?”

In the end, Chandler is confident he would be able to beat up his brother Jon, who is currently the light heavyweight champion.

Who do you think would win in a fight between Jon Jones and Chandler Jones?