Chael Sonnen Says Chuck Liddell ‘Snorted All His Money Away’

Ester Lin/MMA Fighting

Chael Sonnen is currently preparing to take on former UFC champion Quinton “Rampage” Jackson in the first round of the Bellator Heavyweight Grand Prix on Jan. 20, 2018.

Prior to the booking of that fight, however, Sonnen had spoke about a potential match-up against another UFC champion in Chuck Liddell. There were rumors indicating that Liddell, who’s currently 48 and hasn’t competed since 2010, could be planning a comeback to mixed martial arts, but nothing has materialized as of now.

With that being said, Sonnen has labeled the fight a ‘dead issue’:

“Nothing. Dead issue. I thought that Chuck was coming back,” Sonnen said (via MMA Fighting). “I had good reason to believe that. He lost his job. He said he wanted to come back, then he went into the gym. This was my evidence. But I had these three pieces of evidence.”

Given that the fight won’t be taking place, Sonnen admitted he’s a bit ‘bummed’, while also taking one more chance to go after Liddell a bit:

“That bummed me out,” Sonnen said. “What I think, regardless of the way I tell the story, I think that Chuck is probably a pretty good guy. He’s gotta walk around with that haircut, looks like he lost a bet. That can’t be easy to do. … It’s not easy to be Chuck. You’re broke, you snorted all your money away. It’s not an easy to life. I don’t need me to kick him while he’s down, either. If he wanted to come back, we could agree to a match and then maybe things would be different. But I think in this setting, I wish him well.”

In the end, however, Sonnen confirmed that we’ve seen the last of “The Iceman”:

“We will not see Chuck anymore,” Sonnen said. “He’s gone.”