Chael Sonnen may be harsh, but is he wrong about Anderson Silva?

Anderson Silva‘s fighting ability is undeniably amazing. His striking is incredibly accurate and his ground game is good enough to feel confidant on the floor. He’s known for his “karate movie” styled moves like the upside down elbow he’s used to finish fights or the embarassing fashion in which he beat the great Forrest Griffin. However, his personality has not been a big topic for discussion unlike with many other fighters such as Brock Lesnar, Rampage Jackson, Chael Sonnen and many more. However, leading up to the August 7th showdown between himself and top middleweight contender, Chael Sonnen, his “humble” and “kind” personality has been brought to light. After an embarassing performance against the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu phenom, Demian Maia, where he used the effective yet boring and immature strategy of striking and LITERALLY running away, cursing, screaming and taunting his opponent while in the octagon, many people were shown the “dark side” of the champion. Many say he went mad with power but many say he has always had this dark side, he just decided not to show it until recently. Anderson’s antics in Abu Dhabi were said by UFC commentator Joe Rogan to be “the reaction after Maia questioned Anderson’s jiu jitsu. Now, Chael Sonnen has said much worse, hoping to get a rise out of him or maybe to distract him from training. Some points that Chael has broughten up about Anderson is his fakeness. Anderson loves to bow and shake hands after and before his fights however bowing is not part of Anderson’s brazilian culture. Who is he trying to fool? In the fight against Forrest Griffin, Anderson knocked him to the floor and “thoughtfully” reached out a helping hand to pick up Forrest. Was this a “helping hand” or an attempt to humiliate Forrest. In a recent interview, Anderson was all jokes and didnt have a problem understanding or responding to the questions in english….. until he was asked about the Maia fight. Then suddenly, he forgot all his english. So, this raises the question, is Anderson as nice as he once pretended to be? Or is he merely a fraud?