Bryce Mitchell Rants About Guns, Government & Vaccines

Bryce Mitchell

It is just under two weeks until UFC fans will see the return of Nebraskan native, Bryce Mitchell (14-1 MMA) where he will face a veteran of the octagon Edson Barboza (22-10 MMA) at UFC 272 on March 5th.

Despite what many predict to be the biggest test of ‘Thug Nasty’s’ career, Mitchell seemed more than relaxed in a recent interview with Ariel Helwani on ‘The MMA Hour’. Instead of promoting his next fight, Mitchell used the platform to display his view on serious political matters.

The UFC featherweight prospect started off by expressing his strong belief in being allowed to carry a firearm to protect the American people from the government, even stating that he would rather die than lose them.

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“You’ve got to know why we have these guns,” Mitchell told Helwani, “Of course, it’s the hunt, of course, protect ourselves from people who break into our homes. But the reason that they’re really here, is to protect ourselves from our own government.”

“I will die before I hand these guns over to my government. I would rather die in a shootout than I would starve to death… people will not tolerate that in this country, they will not. That’s why the guns are here brother.”

Bryce Mitchell suggests guns have more of a purpose than just hunting and possession

The 27-year-old believes that’s the reason Americans are able to deny the COVID-19 vaccine unlike the rest of the world.

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“These guns behind me, that’s the reason in Arkansas they don’t have forced vaccines, they can’t force they don’t have the power.”

“We’re armed to the teeth brother,” he said to Helwani, “We will not let this government inject what they say is medicine into our body, without our consent. I feel a lot of countries don’t have a lot of the same freedoms that I have.”

Although people may not agree with his political views and values, ‘Thug Nasty’ will look to continue his undefeated 5-0 winning streak in the UFC and with a further look to make a stamp on the 145-pound division with a win over ‘Junior’ on the main card at UFC 272.

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Do you think Bryce Mitchell can beat Edson Barboza on his first UFC main-card appearance?