It’s high time Octagon announcer Bruce Buffer responds to Nate Diaz’ recent harsh words.

Buffer made headlines over the weekend by suggesting Diaz should “bow down to UFC President Dana White” for the money he’s been paid. Diaz expectedly fired back that he ‘bows to no man’ for no amount of cash. Diaz suggested that Buffer should “get off the UFC’s nuts” due to his claims.

The announcer apparently didn’t like how his words came off as a result. Buffer tweeted a sort of apology to Diaz. He insisted that Diaz had gotten his use of the term ‘bow’ out of sort:

Buffer has changed his tune. But that story may or may not come off as credible due to how he first detailed it. Diaz was none too pleased with the announcer’s assumption he should bow down to Dana White.

But the in-cage personality claims he maybe meant something else with his suggestion.

Diaz is rarely one to agree with Dana White, let alone bow, due to their storied history. This story may not be over because of that.