In the UFC 263 co-main event Deiveson Figueiredo and Brandon Moreno rematch for the flyweight title.

Round 1: It’s a cagey opening minute. Brandon Moreno is pressing forward and has landed a few pop shots. Deiveson Figueiredo is backing up and seems to be biding his time right now. The flyweight champion uncorks a big body shot, his first meaningful punch of the fight. Moreno continues to press the action. A couple of times now he’s initiated the clinch before quickly disengaging. Moreno hits the body then the head. He’s throwing lot’s of volume and is clearly winning this round through three minutes. Moreno drops Figueiredo! He flys to the ground but the champion is able to tie him up on the mat. Figueiredo beautifully sweeps to get back to his feet. Figueiredo appears to be fine after getting dropped by a jab of all things. The horn sounds to end a big round one for Brandon Moreno.

Round 2: Moreno lands a sharp jab early in round two. Figueiredo returns with a big power punch before shooting in for the takedown. Figueiredo takes this fight to the floor. He’s in side control but this postion quickly becomes a stalemate. Figueiredo has Moreno’s head wrapped up and is working for a choke. Moreno pops out and reverses the position. He ends up on top before the champion pops back to his feet. Moreno pushes this fight to the fence. He’s took Figueiredo’s back and is hammering away with knees to the leg. Moreno drags Figueiredo to the floor and tries to sink a choke in. The cage prevents Moreno from locking up the submission. Figueiredo recovers his guard. He’s throwing nasty elbows from the bottom. Moreno is content to keep the postion without progressing or landing anything significant. Figueiredo tries to roll out but he eats two shots for his effort. Moreno rides out a much closer second round in top position.

Round 3: A slow start to round three before Figueiredo lands a jab before spinning with a body kick. Moreno returns and lands several punches to keep the champion honest. Moreno clinches up again and forces this fight to the floor. He moves to he back and has the rear-naked-choke locked up. Figueiredo fights it off, for now. We’ve still got three minutes on the clock and he’s landing shots on the back. Moreno locks up the choke again and Figueiredo is forced to tap. We have a new flyweight champion.

OFFICIAL RESULT: Brandon Moreno def. Deiveson Figueiredo via submission in round three.

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