Bisping: Wanderlei has a lot to worry about

Michael Bisping is set to face Wanderlei Silva at ufc 110, Bisping realized that he had to make a few changes after his first ever career knock out loss to Dan Henderson. However, Bisping feels more confident than ever going into ufc 110 because he feels Wanderlei’s fighting style is very familiar to Leben whom he has already defeated.

“They both throw looping punches, they’re both aggressive, and they both come forward. I think they are prety similar in that respect. Both with great chins and very experienced. Wanderlei, I think he’s a little faster obviously, more aggressive, and probably a little more effective in what he does there. he definitely going to provide some tough challenges.”

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Bisping has worked a lot more on his defence because of Wanderlei’s aggressive style, but, believes that Wanderlei also, has plenty to worry about in this fight.

“I’ve got a lot of things that he should worry about as weel,” said Bisping. “Contrary to popular belief, I do hit hard, I do kick hard. I’ve got good strikes, good takedowns and good submissions. I’m strong in the clinch, and I’ve got a lot of experience, and I know how to win a fight. I definitely bring some problems for him to worry about.”

Bisping goes on to say that Wanderlei is probably going to try to do what he did to Jardine, Bisping believes if he can weather the early storm he will be able to win. Bisping has the perfect plan to beat Wanderlei the only thing is left is to execute it on feburary 20th, in UFC 110.