Best Butts in MMA – Top 25 [Updated 2024]

Best butts in mma

MMA is full of gorgeous female fighters who have gained large fanbases with their talent and…assets. One of the most searched phrases on Google is the best butts in MMA.

Since most of you want to know, here is a list of some of the best butts in MMA. Check the list below and see the links to their Instagrams.

Best butts

Let us look at the 25 Best Butts in MMA

1. Paige VanZant

Paige VanZant had a crazy transformation from wholesome cute fighter to hot and sexy ex-UFC fighter. Everyone was aware that Paige has one of the best butts in MMA from her Only Fans numbers.

When she became a full-time OnlyFans model, she made her entire UFC salary in one day. It’s safe to say she made the right career choice.

2. Mackenzie Dern 

Even before she was considered having one of the best butts in MMA, Mackenzie Dern already had a large fanbase. Once she got into MMA, Dern’s number of Instagram followers went well over a million followers.

Anyone who has eyes and has seen Mackenzie will agree with her being on this list.

Mackenzie Dern

3. Rachael Ostovich

The ex-UFC fighters caught the attention of many MMA fans The Ultimate Fighter. Rachael Ostovich has easily one of the best butts in MMA. 

While she’s still trains and fights on occasion, Ostovich is a full-time model. You can visit one of her many social media accounts to see why she was an easy choice for this list..

Rachael Ostovich

4. Tracy Cortez 

The cute Mexican strawweight Tracy Cortez has arguably one of the best butts in MMA. Since her UFC debut, Tracy has attracted the attention of many fans and fellow fighters.

Delusional fans rejoiced when Tracy separated broke up with Brian Ortega as her followers when significantly increased. 

Tracy Cortez

5. Miesha Tate 

Every MMA fan and Joe Rogan will agree that Miesha Tate possesses one of the best butts in MMA. MMA fans have been eying Miesha since her Strikeforce days. Even after having multiple children, Tate is still at the top of fan’s lists.

Miesha Tate

6. Gina Carano

Gina Carano is the first woman of MMA, who possessed one of the best butts in MMA. Millions of fans fell in love with Gina and have followed her into her acting career. Even today, Carano makes it to the top of this list.

Gina Carano

7. Cat Zingano 

MMA veteran Cat Zingano’s half a million Instagram followers will attest that she has one of the best butts in MMA. For the last decade, Cat has gained many followers for her talent and beauty. They are eagerly awaiting her return to combat sports.

Cat Zingano

8. Ronda Rousey 

Without question the first female MMA superstar gets a spot on the best butts in MMA list. Ronda Rousey’s popularity enabled woman’s MMA to prosper and her being gorgeous also helped the growth.

Being an Olympian in Judo gave Rousey incredibly strong hips and a strong buttocks. This was an easy choice. 

Ronda Rousey

9. Amanda Ribas 

Brazilian strawweight fighter Amanda Ribas is on every fan’s list of the best butts in MMA. Ribas has had a successful fighting career and can easily transition to a modeling career whenever she retires.

Amanda Ribas

10. Claudia Gadelha 

Next on the best butts in MMA list is fan favorite Claudia Gadelha. The veteran strawweight contender is well aware of her beauty and loves showing it off. Being gorgeous and a talented fighter has given Claudia a lot of success.

Claudia Gadelha

11. Michelle Waterson 

If you need a reason for Michelle Waterson being on the best butts in MMA list, see her ESPN The Body issue. The Karate Hottie displayed her incredible figure for the world and gained millions of followers. Among female fighters, Waterson is one of the most respected.

Michelle Waterson

12. Joanna Jedrzejczyk 

The original queen of the strawweight division, Joanna Champion is embracing her sexuality. She is one of the best ever and posseses one of the best butts in MMA. An easily fiirst balot hall of famer.

Joanna Jedrzejczyk

13. Tecia Pennington Torres

Since women’s divisions came to the UFC, Tecia Torres is considered having one of the best butts in MMA. Hower, MMA fans be warned as, Tecia is married to UFC vet Raquel Pennington.

Tecia Pennington Torres

14. Alexa Grasso 

The reigning women’s strawweight champ and incredibly gorgeous Alexa Grasso is an easy choice for the best butts in MMA list. See her Instagram to confirm her great body and personality.

Alexa Grasso

15. Julianna Pena

With a nickname like “The Venezulean Vixen”, ex-champ Julianna Pena is an easy choice for the best butts in MMA list. She’s highly talented, with a fiery personality and body to match.

Julianna Pena

16. Felice Herrig 

One of the early fan favorites of the UFC is Felice Herrig. Her countless fans will attest to her having one of the best butts in MMA. We was one of the early female fighters that used her sex appeal to expand her brand and wealth.

Felice Herrig

17. Andrea Lee 

If you’ve seen the hot cajun cowgirl compete, you’d agree that she has one of the best butts in MMA. Unless you have a great butt, you wouldn’t be able to throw kicks like Andrea can.

Andrea Lee

18. Heather Hardy 

The champion boxer turned MMA fighter Heather Hardy immediately caught the attention of fans. Hardy is a unanimous choice for having one of the best butts in MMA.

Heather Hardy

19. Ariane Lipsky 

Millons of fans are in love with UFC fighter Ariane Lipski, who possess one of the best butts in MMA. We’re sure nobody will argue her being on the list.

Ariane Lipsky

20. Anastasia Yankova 

If you watch Bellator MMA, you are well aware of Russian fighter, Anastasia Yankova. The radiant Russian beauty definitely earns a spot on the best butts in MMA list.

Anastasia Yankova

21. Alejandra Lara 

The talented and beautiful Columbian Bellatory fighter, Alejandra Lara no doubt possesses one of the best butts in MMA. Lara has countless pics and videos that can back her being on this list.

Alejandra Lara

22. Jinh Yu Frey 

Jinh Yu Frey not only has one of the best butts in MMA, but one of the best eight packs. An incredibly talented and gorgeous fighter that fans have been following for years.

Jinh Yu Frey

23. Valentina Shevchenko 

Valentina is not only one of the MMA GOATS, but has one of the best butts in MMA. You don’t become a champion in MMA and Muay Thai without having a great butt.

Valentina Shevchenko

24. Randa Markos 

Randa Markos is an easy choice for the best butts in MMA list. He beauty and talent helped her get a nice 7-year run in the UFC.

Randa Markos

25. Bec Rawlings

Bec Rawlings is well aware she has one of the best butts in MMA. The Australian fighter was one of the first female MMA athletes to earn money over social media.

Bec Rawlings