Former multiple organization MMA world champion Ben Askren looks set to don the boxing gloves and enter the ring against YouTube sensation and controversial boxer Jake Paul.

In a video posted to his Twitter earlier today Askren responded to a flyer that had been posted accepting the bout against “pretend athlete” Jake Paul.

“I know you called me out after your fight with that bum Nate Robinson,” Askren said. “Listen, it’s a pretty simple choice. I’m gonna make a whole bunch of money to beat up a guy who is pretending to be an athlete because at the end of the day that is what you’re doing, and I know you may think I don’t have too many standup skills but also at the end of the day I don’t need to.”

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“I’m a world-class athlete I’ve won NCAA titles I’ve been to the Olympics, I’ve won belts in multiple MMA organizations and quite frankly I am impressed that you’ve diluted yourself into thinking you are actually a fighter, that you are really tough, that you can really box, It’s quite impressive that beating up another YouTuber and beating up a boxer that looks like he’s never been in the ring before makes you good at boxing. So yes, Jake I accept. I will see you March 28 in Las Angeles and I will humble you like millions of people want to see happen.”

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The bout began to circulate the web today after Former MMA fighter and current commentator Chael Sonnen posted the flyer on his Twitter with a caption explaining that Jake Pail doesn’t trust the media to spread the word of the fight and that after this he would take on Bellator prospect Dillon Danis.

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Currently, Jake Paul is yet to confirm the bout and no further information has been revealed on the topic.