Arrests of the Day [UPDATED]: Maiquel Falcao Picked Up for Assault, Joey Villasenor Becomes Victim of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

(Luckily, Falcao listed a prescription for assault on his pre-fight medicals. Photo courtesy of

Maybe that video of Maiquel Falcao’s savage and prolonged beating of an old opponent should have served as a warning that the dude is a bit of a loose cannon. According to Diario Popular (via MMA Mania) Falcao was arrested on a corporal assault charge today in Pelotas, Brazil, by local police. The Chute Boxe prospect was pinched after giving an interview to Grupo Brasil de Comunicação, and offered no resistance while being arrested, according to witnesses. No other details have been released yet, but we’ll update you when we know more. From MMA Junkie:

The Brazilian native was detained after a warrant for his arrest was issued in relation to a 2002 assault charge. confirmed with Falcao’s management that the fighter is currently incarcerated, though the Chute Boxe product hopes to be released as soon as today. According to Falcao’s camp, the Brazilian was ordered in 2002 to serve a 24-month house-arrest sentence. After eight months, Falcao moved to a new home, though his lawyer advised him that the Brazilian authorities would have no issue with him completing the sentence in a new location. Today, Falcao returned to his hometown, as he reportedly has several times since 2002, but authorities elected to take him into custody…[Falcao’s] camp did insist the matter was unlikely to affect his Octagon career.

Oddly enough, Falcao’s bust wasn’t the only MMA-related assault case in the news today. After the jump, an MMA fighter finds himself on the receiving end of a weird dust-up in Albuquerque…

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Deadspin passes along an Albuquerque Journal article informing us that Team Jackson slugger Joey Villasenor was “battered” by his ex-girlfriend, Ilana Gold, after a surprise meeting at his home. As the story goes: 

Joey Villaseñor summoned Albuquerque police because he was “afraid.” According to the Journal’s report, Villaseñor alleged his ex-girlfriend, 30-year-old KOAT-TV reporter and former professional figure skater Ilana Gold, pulled a drawstring out of his hooded sweatshirt and refused to hand over a garage door opener during an argument. Villaseñor also alleged Gold had called his cell phone excessively and waited outside his home for him to return before the altercation.

Man, Holly Holm is not going to be happy when she hears about this. Ilana Gold was booked on charges of battery against a household member and larceny. It should be noted that Gold stands 5 feet tall and weighs 110 pounds, but was still down to tangle with Villasenor, a six-foot middleweight. You can’t teach that kind of gameness.