Anderson Silva Destroys Dana White For “Bulls***” Yoel Romero Snub

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Anderson Silva is not letting up in his crusade against the UFC and Dana White.

After he was denied an interim title fight with Yoel Romero at UFC 212 after his originally scheduled date against Kelvin Gastelum fell through – a fight he said he would retire if he didn’t get – Silva has tasked himself with putting the UFC’s feet to the fire over fighter treatment, speaking out with a somewhat ambiguous Instagram post.

But now, “The Spider” isn’t being so cryptic. In a two-minute outburst on a live Instagram video (quotes via MMA Fighting) yesterday (Tues., May 9, 2017), Silva absolutely destroyed his longtime boss, UFC President Dana White, stating the controversial exec at least now has to give Romero the fight he deserves:

“Now the almighty one, who everybody knows who it is, has to calm down and put Yoel Romeroto fight,” Silva said of UFC president Dana White. “Now he has to put Yoel Romero to fight, and there is no excuse. He has no excuse to give. He has to put Yoel Romero to fight, because Yoel Romero is the No. 1 in the ranking, and (Michael) Bisping said he’s ready to fight. So, there’s no more talk. He has to put Yoel Romero to fight. Period.”

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Silva continued about his anger at the scenario, focusing on the fact that fighters put their time and bodies on the line to produce the show, not White. In a sense, he said, he’s actually looking to help Romero get the fight he clearly deserves, calling the UFC’s current way of booking fights a big joke:

“In a way, I helped a fellow fighter, and I think that’s what we should do,” Silva said. “It’s not about cursing at Dana White or fighting the (UFC brass). It’s not. It’s using what they are doing to us back against them. Dana, the almighty, shot himself in the foot.

“I’ll be honest with you,” Silva continued. “I don’t have any personal problem with him, but the problem is when it affects the fighters, when it affects the fighters that leave home for three months to train, who train hard, who train injured, and who make it all happen … we are the ones who make the show happen, not him. No. He sits there and only books fights and stays there, brother. The truth is that this is a big joke that is happening, and it has to stop.”

From many fans’ points of views, it would appear they at least agree with Silva on this. Middleweight champion Michael Bisping is on the sidelines waiting for Georges St-Pierre to return, allegedly sometime in October, tying up a stacked division and not defending his belt against one single top contender since he won it in June of last year.

Silva is concerned about where the company is headed, so he urged listeners to accept that the UFC is not the whole sport of mixed martial arts -a sport he dearly loves – and they need to treat their fighters better:

“This is what I love doing. That’s what I love the most in my life, but I can’t accept this bullsh*t with athletes in our division and athletes in the entire sport. People have to understand that the UFC is not a sport, the UFC is a company. The UFC is not a sport. MMA is a sport. The UFC is just a brand that produces MMA fights.

“One for all, all for one.”

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