Polyana Viana gushes over Alex Pereira after stunning KO win at UFC 303: ‘I’m his favorite ex’

Polyana Viana gushes over Alex Pereira after KO win at UFC 303 I'm his favorite ex

Alex Pereira has elevated his UFC status from rising contender to UFC champion and is now working on solidifying himself as a UFC legend. At UFC 303, he made waves with his emphatic knockout over Jiri Prochazka, adding this feat to a long list of his MMA achievements.

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Facing a mixed martial artist such as Prochazka inside the UFC octagon is no small task, but Pereira made easy work of his opponent. The head kick landed flush just barely over a dozen seconds into the second round, and the rest was history. A history of overcoming every obstacle placed in his way so far inside the UFC, and a history that is slowly becoming the very stuff of legend.

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Now 2-0 over Prochazka and riding a four-fight winning streak, Pereira now officially stands 8-1 in his UFC career. He’s attained titles in multiple weight divisions and also faced the literal stiffest competition that both divisions have to offer. So, it is no surprise that a beautiful Ex-Girlfriend of Alex Pereira is still celebrating his many victories.


Polyana Viana and Alex Pereira Celebrate his UFC 303 victory over Jiri Prochazka

Wearing a low-cut pink shirt reading, “I’m his favorite ex,” Polyana Viana was in the crowd at UFC 303 and rooting for Alex Pereira. The UFC light heavyweight champion spoke on his relationship with Viana earlier this year and seemingly downplayed the connection, abstaining from attachment and simply suggesting that they were just training partners.

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Whether or not any serious relations developed between the two is moot, and it’s just more comical legend to add to the beautiful lore that is becoming the story of one of the UFC greats: Alex Pereira.

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What are your thoughts on the Jiri Prochazak vs. Alex Pereira rematch, and Polyana Viana’s controversial shirt at UFC 303?