Al Iaquinta Absolutely Destroys Dana White In Latest Twitter Outburst

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‘Raging’ Al Iaquinta just won’t stop doing exactly what his nickname insists.

After the embattled lightweight contender got into a hilarious back-and-forth social media war with Mike Perry yesterday, Iaquinta didn’t stop there. Ready to take the gloves off and take his employers and several UFC fighters to task, Iaquinta tweeted he had taken Dana White‘s position as UFC president and would be fighting Cub Swanson at Nassau Coliseum, a bout where White would be serving hot dogs and beer:

When Iaquinta learned that Swanson was injured after his five-round bout with Artem Lobov last weekend, he then shifted his callout to former WSOF champ Justin Gaethje, who is currently negotiating with the UFC:

But Iaquinta’s crusade against White was far from over, as he trolled the polarizing UFC exec by posting his Men’s Fitness cover with a caption insisting White was never a warrior like the many employees he supposedly takes advantage of:

Iaquinta then took the UFC’s uniform deal with Reebok on, noting that while they make great apparel, the company wasn’t happy with the deal due to the nonstop bad press about their company:

He then insisted Reebok was not happy with the once-touted UFC prospect Sage Northcutt, who has lost two out of his last three fights by submission, something that was allegedly brought on by White bringing him up too fast according to Iaquinta:

So Iaquinta won’t quit going off on anyone and everyone in his division – or even up one or two – and it looks like he’s starting to gain notoriety as the MMA version of Donald Trump – at least based solely on his brash style of social media posts.

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At this point it would seem he’s doing it on purpose to drum up a reaction, good or bad, after a two-year hiatus from the fight game where he became a real estate agent.

But now he’s back in full force, while only time will tell if his brazen, over-the-top style will get him one of the big fights he’s constantly calling for on social media. As we’ve seen in the past, however, going head-on and bucking horns with White rarely works out for anyone, especially fighters.