Head kick Knockouts part 1

Great HK ko compilation

Post-Fight interview with the Power Ranger Jason David Frank

TheCageDoor.net exclusive post fight interview with former Green Mighty Morphin Power Ranger Jason David Frank. This was shortly after his MMA debut victory over Jonathon "the Mack Truck" Mack. His face is swollen and he doesn't seem happy with his performance.

Jason "Green Power Ranger" Frank MMA debut!!!

Former Mighty Morphin Green Power Ranger, Jason David Frank, made his MMA debut last week on January 30. His opponent in the fight was Jonathon "the Mack Truck" Mack in the Lonestar Beat down in Houston, Tx. Note: Jason D. Frank has been many other power rangers, but the Mighty Morphin Green Power Ranger was his first. He has created his own martial art called "Toso Kune Do"

Ernesto Hoost Fights Mirko CroCop from 1996 K1 GP Final in Japan

Ernesto Hoost fought Mirko CroCop back in the day at K1 GP Final in Japan. It was a hell of a fight and one that was a blast to watch. I always like Mirko CroCop one of my favorite fighters.

David Tua vs Shane Cameron [OCT 3/09]

David Tua Vs Shane Cameron [OCT 3]

FCF Video

The best MMA event in Brazil

Even More demotivation

Couldnt fit all of them on one post.

Demotivating MMA

Some funny demotivational posters

Mariusz-Pudzianowki: In two years from now I would love to fight Fedor

Mariusz Pudzianowski has also revealed some of his future Mixed Martial Arts plans, which also include the fight against no other than "The Last Emperor" Fedor Emelianenko. Pudzianowski is under no illussion about his current chances against the WAMMA Heavyweight Champion, preparing to use Tim Sylvia as a statement for his future intentions:

Vote for the Best Knockout #6 !

Our KO competition continues , here is the second Semi Final where you decide wich KO was Better ? Houston Alexander KOs Keith Jardine VS Anderson Silva KOs Franklin . Click and Vote .