Five Times Vitor Belfort Blatantly Cheated


Vitor Belfort has done it all over the course of a mixed martial arts career that started way back in 1996 at the tender age of 19.

Unfortunately, to say that Belfort has “done it all” would not only apply to fighting all over the world for nearly every major promotion in MMA history, as it could equally apply to his litany¬†of transgressions related to performance enhancing drugs and testosterone levels.

From failed drug tests, therapeutic use exemptions, and elevated hormone levels, to cover-ups, shambolic excuses, and laughable athletic commissions, we the fans have unfortunately been fed every trick in the book by a flagrant and unrepentant cheater.

I would quote the great Charlie Murphy, but to say Belfort is a “habitual line-stepper” would be a gross understatement. As “The Phenom” looks to climb back into title contention for perhaps the last time this Saturday at Arena da Baixada in Curtiba, Brazil against “Jacare” Souza, let us look back at the many times he made a phenomenal fool of himself.