Fabricio Werdum Says ‘Stupid’ Colby Covington Is A Nobody

Photo: John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

Former UFC heavyweight champion Fabricio Werdum has won two-straight fights and will return in the main event of this weekend’s (March 17, 2018) UFC Fight Night 127 against Alexander Volkov, but over the last few months, it’s been issues outside of the cage that have garnered him the most attention.

Those issues include a verbal exchange with Tony Ferguson prior to UFC 217 this past October. Then, perhaps more famously, “Vai Cavalo” was involved in an altercation last November that saw him throw a boomerang at brash welterweight contender Colby Covington.

Since then, Werdum’s improved his relations with the UFC, but he still doesn’t speak highly of Covington:

“I had some problems with Colby (Covington), who’s an insignificant fighter,” Werdum told MMAjunkie. “I didn’t provoke him. He’s the one who called me a ‘Brazilian animal.’

“For me, that’s in the past. He’s a nobody. He’s never won anything. He only talks crap. He badmouths an entire country – so he has zero credit. I compare him to someone who first arrives in America with no credit. He’s a guy with no credit. He’s never been a champion. I think he was brave to provoke me like that, but he was also stupid. If it happened in Brazil, I would have beat the hell out of him, so he’d learn to respect another country. But that’s in the past now, as is Ferguson.”

In regards to situations like these, the Brazilian said that he doesn’t look to start problems, but that he must respond if badmouthed, which he says he also explained to UFC President Dana White:

“I don’t provoke anyone, and I don’t badmouth anyone,” he said. “But if they do it to me, I will answer. I won’t be quiet. My mother taught me that if I get beat up on the streets, I’ll get beat up at home too. So I don’t bring insults home. If someone tells me something, I’ll respond in kind. I never start.

“I even explained this all to (UFC President) Dana White recently. I’m very happy to have my commentator job back. I love doing it in Spanish since I’m fluent. I lived in Spain for several years. I have a Spanish passport. So I enjoy it. I have a lot of fans who were very happy to see me back in the booth. I received thousands of notes supporting me. Latin Americans, also in the United States, supported by return.”

What do you make of Werdum’s comments?