10 UFC Stars Who Had A Day Job

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Tim Kennedy

Anybody who fights in the UFC can consider themselves a certified badass, but Tim Kennedy’s day job takes him to a whole other level.

Throughout his MMA career, Kennedy has remained member of the United States Army, and for a number of years continued to serve as a Green Beret while competing.

During his time in the Special Forces, Kennedy operated as a sniper, sniper instructor and principal combatives instructor, while being deployed multiple times in Iraq and Afghanistan during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom respectively.

In the end something had to give though, with there simply not being enough time in the day to devote to both pursuits, but despite the fact his MMA career had become successful he had no intention of leaving the army, and instead these days serves as a member of the National Guard.

”The Guard was absolutely the best option for me to do the two things I love: to fight and continue being a Soldier,” Kennedy told nationalguard.com. “It was a dream come true.”