POLL: Who Wins At UFC 175, Chris Weidman Or Lyoto Machida?


Chris Weidman and Lyoto Machida are set to collide at UFC 175, as ‘The All-American’ will look to make the second defense of the middleweight title he won from Anderson Silva at UFC 162. ‘The Dragon’ is looking like a new beast at 185 pounds, having demolished Mark Munoz in one, and beating Gegard Mousasi by decision.

Stylistically, Machida/Weidman is very interesting; Weidman’s wrestling prowess is enough to give anyone a headache, but Machida has outstanding TDD and is extremely elusive. ‘The Dragon’s’ karate background makes him very unpredictable, and his ‘broken rhythm’ is second to none. Machida brings a precise, powerful counter-striking base, and I think he can give the champ trouble.

‘The All-American’ has good striking, but I believe that Machida bests him in this department. In contrast, Weidman’s offensive wrestling exceeds that of Machida, but the former light-heavyweight champion has the added luxury of being very quick and hard to take down. This could be a telling factor at UFC 175.

So how do you think it will go down on fight night? Take a vote and have your say.

  • Welcome to the Machida era – part two!
    This one's personal…I'm expecting something spectacular from the Dragon!

  • Machida is a difficult fight for anyone…I think Machida will catch Weidman over five rounds. Machida won't be undisciplined like Anderson Silva and throw away any of his strengths.

  • Hopefully and I believe Machida, however it's hard to bet against Weidman after his last two fights

    • Why cause Silva was acting like a clown in the first and got injured in the second? I respect Weidman for his accomplishments, but i have yet to see him do something truly impressive.

  • I am a Machida fan myself, but this time I have no faith in my fighter. I think it is going to be a KO victory for Weidman.

    • For the first time I feel good by being weak(ed). Hell yeah baby, Machida by a vicious head kick knock out 😀

  • Weidman by second or third round guillotine or head and arm triangle. The biggest worry for Chris is getting the takedown. Machida has some vicious knees and a nasty straight, he might catch Chris but Weidman will probably choke him unconscious.

    • Because this is a FIGHT right?

  • If Weidman wins, will he be acknowledged as a top fighter? I like Machida on this one, but if Chris wins, that will be ok too, all depends on their performance.

    • If he beats Machida, it will legitimize him as a fighter but I think Machida will expose him.

  • Weidman grinds out Machida.

  • Always tough to call a Machida fight. Sometimes he is outstanding, usually elusive but he has also looked too hesitant at times causing several decision losses.

    One thing is for certain though… if Weidman wins this then no more trolls can call his 2 victories over Silva a fluke anymore.

    • Oh i'll still call those wins a fluke… nothing he'll ever do will change anything about that. The only thing that beating Machida will prove is that he's LEGIT. I don't believe in Weidman's hype. He's good, really good. I'm not taking that away from him but he's not GREAT to me. At least not yet…