POLL: Who Will Beat Jon Jones In 2014?


Jon ‘Bones’ Jones has reigned atop the UFC Light-Heavyweight division since tearing the title from the grasp of Mauricio Rua at UFC 128. That was 2011, and the time since has been spent improving his astounding record to 19-1.

Ex champions Rashad Evans, Quinton Jackson, Lyoto Machida and Vitor Belfort make up Jones’ most impressive wins; and his recent slobber knocker vs. Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 is widely regarded as the best fight of 2013. His only loss comes in the form of a DQ against Matt Hamill in a fight that was completely one-sided.

Currently booked to face Glover Teixeira at UFC 172, could Jones be the first major upset of 2014? With Dominick Cruz, GSP and Anderson Silva out of the frame, could ‘Bones’ be the next great champ to lose to an underdog? If so, who will be the one to beat him?

  • I voted no one for 2014, Alex is the best candidate as we all know, but I see the champ getting the judges decisions whether or not Alex wins 3 rounds or not.

  • I voted Gus but it could very well be no one, Jones is truly deserving of his No. 1 P4P spot. However, how will he do if he moves to heavyweight and doesn't always have the size advantage?

    • I don't think he'll be moving to heavyweight soon. Fighting Gus showed him that his size is more than a small advantage at 205. Moving up to heavyweight is not like moving up to any other weight class. There's a 60 pound gap there, instead of a 20-15-10 pound gap with other classes.

  • Ivy

    I voted no one as well. If he fights twice this year we already know the first time is Tex, and it doesn't seem plausible he defeats Jones, and the next candidate is the winner of DC/Rashad; which I believe will be DC and all he's got Jones is pressure against the cage; which won't work with Jone's long reach…if Gus gets a 2nd shot then I'd give him the greatest shot. I can't believe Shogun is even included on the list, lol.

  • I like Gus but I like Cormier even better…Cormier will take him down and control him.

  • Jon was really confident before the first fight vs Gus, but I bet he'll be less confident going in the second time with Gus. That might improve his performance, by being better prepared, or it could do the exact opposite, by being too careful. We don't know. All I know is his confidence is a big factor in Jon's way of fighting, having any less of it might be what's gonna beat him in the end.

  • Cormier will dump him and put a whoopin' on that a-s-s! Gus will probably beat him too, but i don't think that rematch will happen (I got Manuwa taking Gus out by TKO/KO early).

    • By the way……… what's Shogun doing on this list Rory? Lol.. He has no business being on this list. Not only do i think he doesn't stand a chance in hell to beat Jones, he won't get a chance to even fight him this year. He'll have to beat at least 2 top ranked guys in devastating fashion to even become a contender.

      • I bet someone will vote shogun

        • Hmmm so basically for sh*ts and giggles.. lol
          4 voted Shogun so far…. shaking my head..sigh! 😀

        • Yea Rory, but that's like saying "dont weak me".

          • Looks at ground because I just clicked Shogun 8((…8))

  • You fools – Glover by TKO late in round five.

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