POLL: Who Will Be UFC Welterweight Champion By This Time Next Year?

  • Either Demian Maia or Carlos Condit.

  • D

    GSP would have to be a huge favorite against any of the other guys listed. Hendricks has a punchers chance obviously, but it's a tough matchup for him everywhere. Credentials aside, GSP is the better wrestler, and much better technically standing up.

    Maia could win a fight on the ground, but I seriously doubt he could get it there.

    Bottom line is, GSP is a freak athlete, and the other guys on this list simply are not. He's the favorite in the WW division until he hits his late 30s in my mind.

    • I think even if he can't get it to the ground he is aggressive enough to bring the fight to GSP and in my opinion he would get it to the ground if he got hold of GSP. I believe Maia has enough striking to be far more dangerous than Shields on the feet and that was a close fight on the feet with GSP. Maia is a killer and I don't think GSPs anti-fight cure all will stop this contagion.

  • With what Maia did to Fitch in the wrestling department..this guy is scary. Can he do that to GSP? Time will tell.

  • Carlos Condit

    • If GSP leaves WW div Condit is my pick as the guy to become Champ.

  • If GSP retire, will be Maia or Hendricks!!

  • GSP will Retire, Then The Canadian Pyschopath will be champ 🙂

  • I think Rush is only looking at two or three more fights in the division or at all and then he's moving on or out. I think that's part of the reason fighting MacDonald isn't an issue, because GSP knows he's leaving.

    My candidate for GSP replacement, right now, would be Condit. He'd be a great. He's an awesome fighter, great guy, tons of heart and toughness, and beyond that, he's a decent, polite, nice fellow and family man. He'd be a great champ.

  • I'm all about the Diaz brothers, but can anyone honestly say nick should even be on that list. I gotta go with Hendrix, unless condit can somehow figure out how to stop him.