POLL: Who Will Be Middleweight Champion At The End Of 2014?


The Middleweight Championship picture is a far cry from the early 2013 version; Anderson Silva no longer holds the division hostage and Chris Weidman will defend his title against a resurging Vitor Belfort mid way through this year. If I were a betting man, I would never have placed money on that scenario occurring.

The reality in such a turbulent sport is that anything can happen, to just about anyone. Silva is yet another example of how merciless the sport of MMA truly is, although he could still shock the world if he makes a come back. The likelihood of that happening is yet unknown, but we do know that the top five at 185 right now is a dangerous place to be.

So who is your pick for the Middleweight champ at year’s close 2014?

  • I think we might only see one middleweight title fight in 2014. So I would say either Vitor or Weidman considering they are fighting around June. 50/50….chance.

    But I also like Machida, you definetly wont see Bisping or Silva getting a belt this year. SIlva will want at least 12 months I feel to recover and train again should he return. I think Jacare needs 2 solid wins before he is in the talk of a title shot….He also lost to Luke Rockhold previously so he needs some building up again.

    • Good point. I picked Machida but you are probably correct in guessing he won't get the chance this year. That being the case I think Weidman keeps the title. I'd like to pick Vitor but I don't think he can win a ground fight against Chris and that is where it is going. Paper champ 2014, WOOOO!

    • I doubt we'll just see one! The title fight will be around May/June.. surely there will be another November/December. If it's a quick finish (which i'm pretty sure it will be) and no bad injuries, maybe even October. I most def. got Vitor taking the belt by the way. After that we might see Vitor vs Machida, that's where things get a lil interesting…. lol

      I don't know why 17 voted Anderson (or why he's even on the poll)… there's no way Anderson will fight this year, early 2015 at best and even IF he heals like Wolverine and can come back this year, it's most likely not gonna be a title fight. He might have to beat someone first…

      • If you get two title fights in one division per year, you count your lucky stars. Having a fight mid year, recovering from injuries and then a another 12 week camp…I'd say december or January for the second title fight

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    I don't think Belfort has good enough takedown defense to stop Weidman, but Machida does. Weidman defends his title against Belfort only to lose it to Machida. Even if Belfort manages to KO Weidman, he will lose to Machida. Machida is your new champ.

  • Its either Belfort or Machida, to be honest Machida is the only one who is dangerous enough to beat Belfort, no one is close to him in terms of skill, Weidman is a solid fighter but can't compete with Vitor, Im picking Belfort by KO to become the Champ and after that it depends when Machida gets the title fight , if he gets it in 2014 then there is a big chance Machida can be the champ. its pretty much 50/50 for him and belfort

  • I made my choice by clicking, so I dont feel the need to argue the point here.

  • Will Belfort fight outside of Brazil? With all the trt scandals of late I'm not sure Dana wants a steroid junkie come trt junkie as a champion, though I could be wrong because he gave Sonnen a second shot at the belt.

    • If its allowed by the commission, Dana could care less, its all money to him if the rules are accepted.

  • Welcome to the Machida era…again!

  • Vitor will get injured in training and Sonnen will step in at the last minute and win the belt

  • who the **** picked bisping….. lol…