UFC Set To Hold Two International Events On May 31


The UFC is set to make history on May 31, as the promotion will hold two international events on the very same day.

The Ultimate Fighter Brazil 3 Finale, which features a main event between coaches Wanderlei Silva and Chael a Sonnen, had already been announced for the date but earlier today officials revealed UFC Fight Night 41 will also be taking place on the very same day.

UFC Fight Night 41 will be the promotions first event in Berlin, Germany and is set to take place inside the O2 World Berlin Arena. It will be the promotions third event to be held in Germany.

More news regarding fight bookings and broadcast information for UFC Fight Night 41 will be released in the next few weeks. The event will most likely take place on the UFC’s Fight Pass network.

The location for TUF Brazil 3 Finale hasn’t yet been determined. The main event between rival coaches, Silva and Sonnen, was previously booked for one week prior at UFC 173. However, it was moved to headline it’s own event for undisclosed reasons.

The UFC’s Executive Vice President and Managing Director of UFC EMEA, Garry Cook, revealed the news:

We are incredibly excited to announce this event, and it is fantastic news for the many UFC fans throughout Germany and the rest of Europe,” said Cook. “We are delighted to be returning to Germany in May and visiting Berlin for the first time. Germany is one of the leading world superpowers in sport and to be able to host a UFC Fight Night to our passionate German fans will be an honor.”

Tickets go on sale for the event on April 4, but UFC Fight Club members can pick them up on April 2 and UFC.com e-newsletter subscribers will be able to purchase them on April 3.

Officials mentioned plans to hold an event in Germany’s capital, among many other European city’s, back in October.

What do you make of the UFC hosting two events on one day?

  • YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! ….i'm doing the sanchez right now!

    • great news!! this time i will buy tickets!!! cant wait

    • @PukeVomit …lad dich gern auf ein bier ein wenn du zeit an dem abend dafür findest!!!

      • auf jeden fall! ich bin definitiv da.

        • jo coole sache!! ich lass mir das diesmal auch nicht entgehen!! schreib dir dann nochmal wegen zeit und ort!! werden bestimmt schon ab mittags durch berlin ziehen

  • Great, another $10 Fight Pass card and yet another event, that will likely go missed by the UFC's core market in North America.

    To me, with the UFC putting more cards on FP and knowing that fans in NA aren't rushing off to buy FP – not that I'm aware of at least – then what the UFC is saying to the NA fans is one of two things…that either these cards don't matter, so don't worry about it if you don't see them…or that the fans in NA, the ones that built the UFC, don't matter.

    For those that aren't buying FP, this announcement marks the fourth UFC card of the year that they won't see.

    The UFC would be wise to start considering that fact.

    The cumulative weight of NA fans not seeing cards will inevitably translate into a diminished interest in the UFC's PPVs and FOX events. I fail to see how that won't be the case. It's also likely to stir greater interest in Bellator and their free cards, as broadcast on one platform and not three platforms, with three different financial models – free, FP & PPV – like the UFC, particularly with one of the models (FP) requiring fans to fork over their credit card information to the brand.

    IMO, the UFC is quickly wasting the gains that it made in 2013. And when they're charging $50 for 2:25 seconds of main & co-main fights, as they just did with UFC 170 – which was a complete bust in terms of what it delivered at the card's top – as well as pushing European and Asian cards off onto Fight Pass, the UFC endangers being perceived by fans as pushing a lesser and an increasingly diluted product.

    • Zip

      My thoughts exactly. It wouldn't surprise me if the UFC doesn't renew their contract with FOX when it expires either. In fact, I expect it. All cards will be on Fight Pass.

      • @Zip and Brian
        Firstly the UFC have been diluting their product for years now. After the WEC and SF mergers, the quality of the cards didn't improve, we just got more and more cards.(Although there was that year of constant injuries)

        The UFC are basically gonna make the US fans watch ALL foreign events on fight pass. If they can get away with doing the same in other countries they will. It'll be a long long time before they stop PPV, the fight pass is just a baby right now but it will grow up to be a monster.

        They will not leave Fox, The UFC crave being seen and covered amongst other sports. It's still a good platform that adds credibility to their brand OUTSIDE of this mma bubble we live in.

        • Zip


          No argument here. I hope you are right about Fox.

      • Zip, I wouldn't be surprised if the scenario reverses and it's FOX dumping the UFC.

        • Zip

          Had not considered that. Even so, I'm still not buying Fight Pass.

  • Sux. I'm not buying Fight Pass

    • Zip

      Me either brother.

  • "The event will most likely take place on the UFC's Fight Pass network."

    WoW, I cant wait to not see this event lol