UFC on FX 7 Results Recap: Vitor Belfort destroys Michael Bisping in the 2nd


UFC on FX 7 is in the books from Sao Paulo, Brazil and it showcased an absolute highlight reel knockout in the main event. Both Vitor Belfort and Michael Bisping came out a bit tentative in the first round, with the main action being a late headkick from Belfort. Early on in the second, Belfort pulled that trick out of the bag once again and nailed Bisping on the temple. He followed the Brit to the ground and finished the fight with brutal efficiency.

Gabriel Gonzaga continued his winning ways inside the Octagon against Ben Rothwell. He seemed to have crisper boxing than he is usually known for, but it was his trademark jiujitsu that ultimately put an end to Rothwell. Scoring a standing Guillotine, he took the hold to the ground and got the tap from Rothwell. An impressive win.

In other action, CB Dolloway took home a workmanlike decision win over Daniel Sarafian. He seemed to get the worst of the standup in the early stages of the bout, but turned the tide when he rocked Sarafian with an uppercut late in the second. The Brazilian seemed to gas later on, and Dolloway gained the advantage with a dominant mount position. Khabib Nurmagomedov continued his undefeated streak with a first round TKO over Thiago Tavares to round out the main card.

UFC on FX 7 Full Results:

Main Card:

Vitor Belfort def. Michael Bisping?via R2 TKO (Headkick and Punches)

Gabriel Gonzaga def. Ben Rothwell?via R2 Submission (Guillotine Choke)

CB Dollaway def. Daniel Sarafian via Split Decision

Khabib Nurmagomedov def. Thiago Tavares via R1 TKO (Elbows)

Preliminary Card:

Godofredo Pepey Castro def. Milton Vieira?via Split Decision

Ronny Markes def.  Andrew Craig via Unanimous Decision

Nik Lentz def. Diego Nunes via Unanimous Decision

Edson Barboza def.  Lucas Martins via R1 Submission (Strikes)

ldemar Alcantara def. Wagner Prado via R2 Submission (Kneebar)

Yuri Alcantara vs. Pedro Nobre ruled a No Contest (Strike to back of head)

Francisco Trinaldo def. CJ Keith via R2 Submission (Armbar)

LowKick.com UFC on FX 7 Fight Night Awards:

Performance of Night: This award can go to none other than “The Phenom,” Vitor Belfort. With his opponent facing a potential shot at Anderson Silva, Belfort squashed those dreams quickly with a convincing headkick of the always tough Michael Bisping.

Finish of the Night: Gabriel Gonzaga looked impressive with his submission win over Ben Rothwell, but again, it’s just tough to deny Vitor Belfort another award for his insane KO.

Upset of the Night: CB Dolloway earns the nod here with his back and forth win over TUF alum Daniel Sarafian. Just when he it looked like he was going to drop the fight, Dolloway came back strong to earn the late win.

  • Happy new year Anton. You've got this buddy!

    • forgive me I have not watched the fight but………. to have a TRUE VET…..
      rise up and beat the ever talking and disrespecting BISPING…… sorry awesome
      but ..BUT… Bisping has been on the frontline to fight Silva for YEARS and has
      been BSed his shot for soooo long maybe there is a whole different side of Bisping but……………..thinking carma what goes around comes……………mixed feelings Belfort gives 110% every time and was like the Cain fight when he fought Silva ,.. just never got a chance to really fight so…..all this talk and havent even seen it yet sooooo dont leason to me

      • juss thouht you shoud now…carma is spelt with a K. Sory but I m a perfekonist when it come to spellding right.

  • Round of applause for Anton for picking Vitor in that fight.

    I'm glad Vitor won that fight, but he did look extremely ripped, though.

    • Its ok. TRT.

      • @evan
        so was anton, cause he finally broke the curse.

        sorry vitor i was rooting for you but i didnt want to underestimate the brit.Vitor looked great!!

        Anderson vs Vitor 2

        • Anton is on TRT? I knew it.

          Wouldn't mind Belfort-Anderson 2 at all. Don't see it happening though, sadly.

          • @ Evan….do you see Bisping getting a rematch with Vitor? Credibility wise it would be great for bisping to get a W back.

            Belfort vs Anderson 2 would be fun to watch.. however, I don't think I could honestly name three guys in the middleweight division who look like a serious threat to Anderson right now.

          • @ Enjoy

            If not Silva / Belfort 2…then who is Silva going to fight?

          • @ KeithFarrell: Vitor looked good last night, but like you said, his style would get him picked apart if he were to fight Anderson Silva again. As we all know, the longer you wait on Silva to attack, the more dangerous he gets. Vitor, in my opinion, doesn't deserve a rematch against Silva, it'll be best to let someone else get the title shot.

          • Everybody- I think Vitor would be a decent match up for Anderson strictly because of his fight ending power. Plus, as much as people say Anderson owned Vitor in the first fight it was really just one perfect shot. Would Vitor be any where near a 50-50 choice? Hell no (IMO the only person close to that at 185 is Weidman and have thought that way for a while), but he would have had a better shot than Bisping. Plus, I doubt a front kick KO would happen again (although if Anderson one upped it I'd go nuts.

            Personally, I wanna see Weidman-Silva now. He's the most deserving, and by far the most decent match up for Anderson to take (at 185). I say make that match up the main event somewhere in the summer, and make Belfort-Lombard the co-main event for the #1 contender spot. That'd be sick.

          • @MMA Truth….The only logical fight is Weidman. Anderson has already made it clear he doesn't want to revisit the past and fight Vitor…Middleweight is an easier division for belfort though…Light heavyweight is way more stacked than middleweight right now…you got guys like Glover, Rashad, Shogun, Gustaffson, Bader, Dan Hendo,Sonnen.

        • @ OMR

          Couldn't agree more. He looked great. The logical fight, now, would be Silva / Belfort 2.

    • He sure looked ripped but he was on top of his game and seemed so relaxed as if Bisping wasn't threatening at all. How could anyone have doubted Belforts striking, I definitely eat my words about Bispings striking game being in another league!

      It may be time to dethrone the king….

      • I dont know if I'm alone in this but I wasn't impressed by Vitor's whole performance, even though the finish was sick.

        What did Vitor really do to make anyone think he has a chance against Anderson?
        Did he come out using his great power with pace and pressure that shut down his opponent's offense while constantly threatening with the KO? Because that would have been an impressive change and probably his best style to fight Silva with.
        But no, he did his same old sit back, let opponent attack, try to evade and throw bombs now and again. It works most of the time but not against the best guys.

        And guess what, his style last night is what he used before and led to him being picked apart by Jones and added on to Silva's highlight reel.

        The style he used last night is the WORST style to face Jon or Anderson with, even Bisping was winning untill he made a huge defensive mistake but the chamos won't.

  • Sometimes, I like to write a comment, sign out, vote funny or sharp, then I sign back in and vote funny or sharp again.

  • I gotta admit I was a lil scared there Anton, but I guess even the heart of a chicken can kick some ass.

  • War Vitor…. Once I saw Bisping game-plan during round one I was happy… Trying to stand and bang with Vitor, I knew it was just a matter of time…

  • Like I said I will just laugh after Belfort KOs Bisping judt like I laugh when people where saying that Bisping had a chance at winning

  • Where ya at, Holober??

    Haha jk

    • The underdog won. Not surprising.

      • Careful straddling that fence, you might hurt your balls.

        • Ah, my troll. How I've missed you.

          Considering I never made a choice on the bout, outside of saying Bisping was the favorite in a conversation with Kyoshi on how only people who didn't know MMA picked him, I doubt I'm straddling any fence.

          You never let reality get in the way of a good story. I'm guessing that's why a few like conversing with you around here.

  • I will be the first one to admit, I was wrong. Bisping got destroyed by a bigger better fighter. I think the reality now is that Belfort at age at 35 has just had his 2 best fights of his career back to back and he is now entering his prime. As the announcer in the fight tonight said Belfort gave Jones his hardest test yet and then comes out and Knocks out Bisping, who has only been knocked out once in his career. I don't think this is as much a loss for Bisping as it is a huge gain for Vitor Belfort.

  • 'at age at' ^ stoner ^

  • Hey Bisping, can you "count" how many times youve lost on the verge of a title fight?

    I really wanted to see Anderson put on a show against you too but not at the expense of Vitor.

    • @highkick12

      thanks. for this

      "I really wanted to see Anderson put on a show against you too but not at the expense of Vitor."

  • it's sooooooooooo good that british faggot lost

    • nice, racism and homophobia all in one sentence,

  • The middleweight division is now screaming….WTF do we do now ?

  • Bisping deserved to lose. Belfort threw the left kick to body and head several times in the first round so to let one get through like that in the 2nd is unforgivable for a fighter who is known for adjusting well to his opponent. But congrats to Belfort. He was patient and picked his shots well throwing good combinations and pacing himself at the same time. If Belfort could find an opening like that against Bisping Silva certainly would have. I thought Bisping would outbox Belfort and finish him in the later rounds. I also thought Bisping had the game to give Silva a serious crack for the belt. After witnessing that last night I have to agree with those who say Silva would destroy Bisping.

    Some bullshit judging again last night (SURPRISE!!) Vieiravia clearly won 2 rounds against Castro and aside from a couple of submission attempts Markes did nothing but clingon like OMCP does to Silvas nuts.

    • PS: WTF was the ref doing letting Tavares take an extra 5 heavy elbows+ when he was clearly out?

      • azzkika

        thanks for thinking about me.

        the referee was slacking

  • anyone who picked Bisping for this is a fool.

  • I don't know where Bisping goes from here….He probably needs to put together three consecutive wins before he is back in the conversation for a title shot after the devastating KO. That could be two years away which would make him 35. Tough spot for Bisping to win back the confidence of UFC matchmakers and fans. he has lost to Vitor, Chael, Wanderlie, Dan Hendo, Rashad.

    • To be fair they are all amazing fighters and former world champions, except Chael but I think Bisping beat him anyway

  • After Belfort won, Silva rejoiced in the stands saying "Holy shit, I might get this long vacation after all."

  • What I didn't understand last night, was Belfort, after a huge win in the 185 division, called out Jon Jones. I just don't get it.

    Why would Belfort call out Jones @ 205 and not Silva @ 185?

    I want Silva / Belfort 2. And I have no idea as to why we wouldn't get it.

    I can't say it enough….Vitor looked amazing last night. Absolutely amazing.

    • I agree Truth, it seemed so misplaced and ruined his moment, why would he ask Dana to throw out Chael which obviouly won't happen… When he couldve used the spot to ask for a rematch with Anderson and said something like Silva got lucky, just for somwthing for people to get behind and hype a rematch

  • belfort needs to let his hands go and be more aggressive like he used to be. If he does that he beats any man at any weight class

  • At least Bisping took defeat like a man&made no excuses,maybe he should fight Belcher next…no way Vitor deserves another title shot just yet,he'd get the winner of Okami vs Lombard or Costa Phillipou.

  • Vitor called out Jones because he has a better chance of beating him than Anderson Silva end of story.

  • I want to see Silva x Vitor again…very high profile and one of the best stand up match up at MW for sure…..Silva beat enough wrestlers already….let them bang bro!!!

  • Nice KO from Vitor, I say make Costa Philippou vs. Vitor and winner face either Weidman or Lombard if he beats Okami…. Either fight for the title shot.

    Also Nurmagomedov is flying well under tge radar, the guy is a monster


  • Vitor won that fight because he is a better striker and Bisbings stand up is overated.Belfort did him a favor maybe hell stop listening to the hype and work on mixing it up more,him standing wth Belfort is about as smart as taking down Damian Maia.I think one more fight for Vitor and he gets another shot at Silva Bisbings a good gatekeeper but hes not top 5…1.AS2.Sonnen3.Belfort.4.Weidman5.Munoz

  • That was fun to watch. Great way to start off 2013, by watching Bisping get his head kicked clean off.

  • Thank you Vitor. It was a lovely birthday present.