UFC Fight Night 45: Joe Proctor vs. Justin Salas Fight Video Highlights


Joe Proctor and Justin Salas threw down last night (Wednesday July 16, 2014), during the eventful and very entertaining UFC Fight Night 45 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. The fight started with Salas winning the opening stanza using big head punches. One such shot, a huge right hand, left a tennis ball sized swelling on the side of Proctor’s skull.

The nasty haematoma wasn’t enough to detour the gritty TUF veteran though, as he opened the second round with conviction. The counter hook was on tap for Proctor, and he found a home for it midway through the round; that home was the chin of Salas, and the result was a series of Brock Lesnar style twirls, followed by the referee stoppage.

A great comeback win for Proctor, and a pretty nasty war wound, as seen in the fight highlights above. The vid is courtesy of Fox Sports