UFC 162 Lowkick Staff Predictions


Mike Drahota: Obviously it’s very, very tough to pick against Anderson Silva at any time, but I think that we’ve seen it done in record numbers for this fight. In reviewing Chris Weidman’s fight tapes, I definitely see a multi-talented grappler who can give anyone fits at middleweight. His wrestling is technical and effective, while his already world-class submission game is rapidly involving.

However, from watching his countless pre-fight interviews for this fight, I’ve begun to think that Weidman has become so enamored with his considerable skills that he’s overconfident. There’s much to be said about believing in one’s self, but he talks about Anderson Silva like the champ is a training dummy that he’s just going to ragdoll to an easy finish. For that reason, I have to pick Anderson Silva via 2nd round TKO.

Rory Kernaghan: Anderson Silva has so many tools to use against Chris Weidman, he can keep him at a distance and pick him apart with his lethal striking arsenal, or submit the ‘All American’ from his back. Weidman’s biggest threat to Silva comes in the form of great wrestling, which I think Weidman will use at every opportunity throughout the fight. Look for Silva to dance, utilize his long legs with kicks and try to clinch up. While I think Weidman may enjoy some time on top, I don’t think he is going to finish Silva. I think Silva is too smart to fall in to the trap of being submitted against Weidman. Look for Silva to finish Weidman by strikes after a close first round. Silva wins by TKO (elbows) round 2.

Brian Cox:
I seriously doubt that this fight will last more than 2 rounds. To be honest it could well be a 1 round bout. This match is apt to look a great deal like a version of Silva / Sonnen  2. I think Silva will decimate Chris in the same way he did Sonnen, should he prove to be the fight’s winner. Weidman, should he win, will do it on the ground and finish it as Sonnen would have in the 1rst round of his re-match with the Champion, had he not been ejected from his full-mount position by clock-stoppage. Chris has far more tools and talent on the ground than does Chael and should Silva find himself under the “All American” I don’t believe he will survive it. That said, I am picking the Chris Weidman to dethrone the wizard of 185 and to do so by (full-mount) ground-and-pound. Round 1. 


  • Never been more pumped for a fight, even though I said the same thing 100 times before.

    Look for some showboating and a finish by Silva in the second or third

    • Never bet or pick against Silva he will burn you everytime

  • I'd like Weidman to win this, but if it's a betting game, then I'll bet on Mr. Anderson, by a fcuking super awesome knees in the 2nd round.

  • If Weidman is going to pull it off, he'll have to do it in the first or second round. Once the fighters get a little fatigued, and increasingly sweaty; Weidman's grappling won't give him the same control that he will need to pull off a submission. In which case, Anderson will be able to stuff takedowns/and escape bottom position, should he end up there. My feeling on this would be Anderson by TKO due to strikes in the fourth.

  • what happened to everyone on this site ? i dont remember the last time i seen a comment with 50-100 clicked responses (sharp,weak, etc) . this place die. there like 6 of us left ? lol

    • who the hell weaked me ? i know where you live. j/k….seriously, i posted this with concern, wondering, do sites fail if nobody shows up ? i dont want this forum to fail, i like it, was just curious though .

      • lol Infinite, don't worry I got your back man!
        I think a lot of it has been UFC's cards and injuries, many people have slowed down on the net. Also since the internet police shut down every stream site, it's actually slowed the sport. The US's internet rules are indicative to how they treat everyone now days(sad and pathetic) and I'm American. Believe me, I've bought so many UFC events, I should own stock in that company. When someone clicks "weak" they are usually referring to themselves. A mirror reflection, unless they are attacking you. It is what it is. Best to not look over at that side and simply be yourself. 8))

        • smart man. i too like the mirror psychology, and in fact am currently writing a book where that is one of the topics covered. i completely understand what you are saying, and truth is, i never take offense to anything for the most part, because i harbor a very tiny ego, keep that innocence in check all the time 😉 i just say sarcastic shat to be funny, little dark and raunchy sense of humbor in me but never serious 🙂

          • err…humor i meant. maybe i should stop writing books. cant even spell for christs sake. lol.

      • @infinite…..good observation….

        lowkick was one of the original mma sites but there are many copy cat mma sites that have sprung up as the UFC has gained momentum. The people who left probably were not ******** fans anyway, so no major loss.

        lowkick doesn't miss any of the big stories. You can be guaranteed to get everything at lowkick.

        Also the logarithms have changed in google search for some mma sites. Some companies that previously found themselves on page 1 of google are now on page 9 or ten…That effects traffic to your site majorly.

        • hard-core fans ^^^^ 2nd time now I've been censored

          • maybe the censorship has driven those people away ..lol

        • actually lowkick was originally myvideofights.com back when sites posted videos of fights

          • Is that where Anton developed his fine eye for picking fights?

          • True, that is the site I was referenced to by a friend years ago.

  • look for a spinning wheel kick in the third round AS via KO

  • Silva, by liver hit in the second

    • after the fight he is gonna serve that liver up with some farva beans, however you spell that ( silence of the lambs reference ) for those who dont get it.

      • Is that you Clarice?…..in Hannibal's voice lmao

      • or dumb and dumber reference

        • ahh yes, forgot carey doing that with the little lip suckin tasty thingy in that movie. funny *** movie. love it.

    • brilliant article, he was only wrong on one point. the achilles heel reference. anderson had his tendon removed and replaced with a flexible adamantium one, (that **** wolverine's skeleton is made of)…effectively dispatching his only weakness, i too, take silva via tko in 2.

  • how many times have we heard "if theres someone to defeat Silva, it's this guy" .. give me a break , Silva beat down the whole division giving 50% effort.. imagine what he can do if he takes an opponent serious in which i think he will saturday night. Anderson Silva via TKO whenever he feels like it.

  • I think what people forget is, whats going through Anderson's mind now as the CHAMP and as a fighter.

    "they don't believe in me, they don't think I can do it. They really don't believe in me? I'll prove them wrong."

    I'll be Spider is getting worked up in a way none of us have imagined since chael. He's a human being. He's proud of what he's accomplished and rightfully so. To have so many of his peer write him off is well… I can't even describe it.

    I see this being a 2 rounds or less fight.

    Expect Anderson to make an example of Chris.

  • OMG, someone found some footage FROM THE FUTURE of what is about to happen to Chris! Check it out!