UFC 158: Georges St Pierre vs Nick Diaz extended preview


Its safe to say we are all excited about the upcoming bout between long-time welterweight champ Georges St Pierre, and outspoken ‘Stockton Bad Boy’ Nick Diaz. The two have had a heated rivalry which will be settled at UFC 158 in Quebec, Canada.

The home advantage will be going to the champion in his second bout since returning from an injury, which saw him out of competition from April 2011 until November of 2012 when he beat Carlos Condit by unanimous decision at UFC 154.

The fight earned both St Pierre and Condit fight of the night honors, and the champion showed composure in the face of adversity after being rocked in the third round by a head kick.

Diaz has just served a one year suspension after failing a drugs test following his UFC 143 fight against Carlos Condit. Prior to the Condit fight Diaz was on an eleven fight win streak spanning 4 years.

Check out this UFC 158 extended preview and be sure to come back to LowKick after the fight is over to check out the GSP vs. Diaz fight video

  • Excited? Not really, but I'll be watching nonetheless.

    • I'm always excited to see gsp/diaz/condit/hendricks

      • I'm not a fan of Georges, so that's probably why I never look forward to seeing him fight. Condit, however, is one of my favorite fighters. As for Diaz, I like watching his fights.

        Although I picked Diaz to beat Georges, I highly doubt he will. Diaz has always struggled against wrestlers, therefore he'll most likely get laid on for 25 minutes.

        • Laid on?!? Like GSP did with Condit, Koscheck & Shields?!? STFU you dummy!!! Diaz not only struggled vs. Wrestlers, he struggled vs. world class opponents, that means fighters in the UFC. Not the CANS he fought in Strikeforce! BAHAHAHA

          • GSP keeps the area below your waist line moist & tingley huh.

  • Diaz need to surprise GSP on the first round take his back and submit him. If Diaz turns up like he does with his other fights, GSP wins decision easy. I'm BIG Diaz fun.

  • Nick really doesn't like brutal fights and getting cut up and beat up; I think he knows he's going to be on the wrong end of a serious beating in this fight and he's worried about it and it's showing. He was getting really emotional and not thinking straight when it got heated in the conference call. He's hiding something in clear view, it's almost like a cry for help sometimes with Nick.

    This could be the worst beating GSP's put on someone since the BJ rematch. Could be career ending for Diaz, BJ's corner threw in the towel because they thought it might be a career ending beating if in went into the 5th… Nick won't let his corner do that. GSP's elbows on the ground are BRUTAL when he really goes out to hurt you… OR it could go the other way and GSP uses his speed on the feet and peppers Diaz with his infinite-jab combo.

    Hope Nick can make it interesting with his subs, but I doubt it. Will be interesting to see if GSP's last fight was ring-rust or if it's just a post-injury GSP. If GSP IS 100% Diaz should be a really easy fight for him imo.

    I'll never forget watching BJ's head bouncing off the canvas with GSP's elbows smashing him, often memories are linked with strong emotions and I remember how I felt: Worried and scared for BJ.

    As a fan of course, I'm praying for a competitive war.

    • Don't forget when GSP obliterated Koscheck's face with jabs. He broke his orbital on one of the first few and then just pounded his face in the rest of the fight.

      People criticize Georges WAAAAYYY too much. His standup is super tight, he's got great solid technical boxing skills for MMA, his head movement could be better and he could be a little looser, but overall he really has the basics down and does all the right things.

      On the ground he's no joke at all. I don't even give Diaz the advantage there really, and if I do it's because he's more aggressive and that's about it. GSP is soo well-rounded he's a handful for any fighter on the planet within 50lbs of him, straight up!

      • Oh, I didn't forget about the Koscheck fight, that's really what I was referring too when I said.

        "OR it could go the other way and GSP uses his speed on the feet and peppers Diaz with his infinite-jab combo."

        That was a brutal fight but I'd rather have taken a hundred jabs to the face than have my head pressed against the floor and take 100 elbows like in the BJ fight.

        We appear to be in complete agreement, but your message is written as a counterpoint "Don't Forget" and then saying "People criticize Georges" as if I made a reference to that in my original post. Then saying you don't really give Diaz the advantage on the ground when I didn't either… Really, this needed to be it's own post rather than a reply, as it's confusing as a reply. : P

        Like we've both said now GSP has the advantage everywhere, I was just saying I hope Diaz can make it interesting on the ground but I doubt it and GSP will be too fast and well timed on the feet for Diaz.

        Good point about GSP's fundamentals and head movement. Agree 100%.

        • I was more just adding to your thoughts than countering. I was agreeing just expanding on your points.

          I was more interested in getting fact that people underestimate GSP across more than anything else.

          • I see, no worries dude. Was just a bit confused. : p

    • Diaz is a fighter, he's far more used to wars than GSP is. I don't see Diaz as having much of a chance in this fight but I also don't see GSP as having a chance at breaking him. GSP will dominate the first 4 rounds and Diaz will still be talking sh*t in the fifth.

      I also wouldn't say Diaz seems worried, his interviews always get less and less rational before fights and honestly I think it's cuz Diaz isn't smoking pot anymore. Everyone always jokes about diaz and how he's a pothead but the more I listen to his interviews I really think it helps him function normally in society.

  • Man I just cant await!! Soooo excited to se another GSP decision!!

  • Im looking forward to the whole card more than the title fight. But I think GSP might stand with Diaz for a bit at least since hes not a knockout fighter. Either way I cant see him losing this one.

  • New Champion…. Nuff Said…. War Diaz…

    • I hope you're right, but if Diaz doesn't get the job done, Maia damn sure will.

      • Us fans will have to get on Dana's *** to get Maia that title shot