UFC 157 Pre-fight Press Conference video and staredowns


The press conference for what will be the first womens fight ever in UFC history went down Thursday at 4pm ET. You can view the entire press conference in the video below. For the staredowns involving the top 3 main events, skip to 50:10. You’re welcome.

  • Its funny that Dana is critisizing all the people who thought womens MMA is not viable enough for UFC main event. He didn't even think they should have a womens division in the UFC not long ago.

    • BEcause at the time it wasnt, hes not shy about saying Ronda is the only reason girls are now in the ufc.

      Keep on hating though…

  • have to respect Rhondas attitude over the holding of the belt. But if anyone has earned it it's the former strikeforce champ.

  • The Rhonda section was pretty informative and had good content. Stopped after that.