The Reem: Back To Basics


The latest episode of ‘The Reem’ is available for us to view, and this has to be the best one yet. Titled ‘Back to basics’, this episode shows us Alistair Overeems preparations for his comeback fight, shortly after his loss to Bigfoot. He talks about how he felt in the wake of the loss, and also reveals that he has gone back to Holland to train at Mike’s Gym.

The epicly soundtracked training montages featured in this video are a throwback to Rocky movies, and the training footage is pretty awesome. Switching between Mike’s Gym and Florida’s Hybrid training centre, the latest episode of the Reem is a blast.

Overeem looks to be in fantastic shape, and I can’t wait to see how this fight pans out. Check out the full episode below, courtesy of, and stay tuned to!

  • For the love of God, stop wasting your time with these retarded documentaries. Here are your keys to winning:

    1. Shut your mouth
    2. Put your hands up in front of you
    3. Move your head.
    4. Stop shooting juice so you can pass your drug tests.

    Problem solved. Thanks.

    • You sir, are a fool…… Alistair's docu's are great!

      • No, you are the fool, sir. He wouldn't need to make them if he just used common sense, lol.

        • Mannnnn… You're making no sense whatsoever!
          Lowkick should IQ test everyone before handing out memberships cause…..

          U know what, never mind… Waste of time.. 🙂

          • Heyyy, where do I get this membership? I only registered…..sooo what kinda cool stuff do you get?

          • Entity, get away with that avatar.

            Everything of yours that I read, I hear that "Stewie" voice in my head.

            You've "rueened " it for me.

          • Brian! Brian! Brian Brian!…….Hi

          • Experience, I would offer that the 4 points that Green noted would all be acceptable answers, on an MMA IQ test. 🙂

            On the upside, you both referred to one another as Sir and I find that a positive. Good for the two of you.

            Opinion's are opinions…all is subjective.

          • I couldn't care less about any of his points after i read: "retarded documentaries" and then something as ignorant and senseless like: "He wouldn't need to make them if he just used common sense".

            This is episode 4 of Season 3 of his Docu series… it has nothing to do with attitude, winning or losing. All that is irrelevant!

            What does "common sense" have to do with The Reem making video's?

            He makes these docu's for the fans and has been for a long time. Showing us what goes on with him behind the scenes (good and bad).

            Opinions are fine… and i can respect those… NONSENSE however, i do not!

          • He doesn't need to make any more documentaries… we can be simply entertained by an over-hyped juice box getting crushed by cans, ha ha. OMG, this is awesome! 🙂 🙂 🙂

          • LMAO, looks like your favorite film maker got his a$$ handed to him again! I know you'll be camped out with popcorn awaiting his next film noir- get it? Noir? LOL. Can I AXE you something? LOL ha ha. He got KTFO by a third string HW, ha ha. OMG.

    • Green, I think what you denoted in point form is very true and it's more than likely part of what his new coach said to him, as well.

      On that point, it's awesome that Reem shoots video of himself with a new coach that doesn't put up with his BS, ego and lack of attention to the details that you denoted.

      I truly do believe, certainly hope, that what we see tomorrow is an an Overeem who adheres to your list.

      • Brian,

        My point is that he should forget about films and focus on making changes. He was actually WOrSE last night than in his fight with BF! Common sense tells us that his recipe is WAY off and that making films documenting it is a waste of time and energy. This guy is the biggest disappointment in MMA history. I'd watch a documentary on that to be fair! 🙂

  • I think going to Mike's Gym is exactly what Alistair needed. Mike Passenier has always seemed like the kind of coach that can really motivate his fighters. The kind of sloppy striking and defense we saw in the Bigfoot fight isn't going to happen under Mike's watch. I think it's great that the coach of K1 champions will now be represented at the UFC. It wouldn't surprise me to see more UFC fighters seek out his gym.

    My prediction, with this high level striking guidance, we will see the Reem in top (no-nonsense) form and back being the beast that will tear his way to the UFC title. He will beat Browne and will also in the future beat JDS. The only one that might stand in his way of getting the UFC title is Cain Velasquez. I personally hope that he can overcome Cain and achieve the UFC title as the final piece to his excellent and well traveled fighting career.

  • ***** that he has such a glass jaw and has been KO'd in highlight reel fashion. Wouldn't be surprised if AO gets KO'd.

    • S H A M E is banned? LOL

      • Sham-eful isnt it? lol

    • OMG, just like I said! LOL. Nap time and a juice box, perfect combination!

  • D

    After Overeem's last loss Bas Ruten pointed out that up until the Lesnar fight, Overeem never through combinations. It was always one strike, and he always kept his hands up to defend himself, because he was aware that his chin was not the best. However, in the Lesnar fight, he showed no respect and kept his hands down. He used the same strategy against Bigfoot, and it backfired big time. In Bas' opinion, the reason for that difference was because Overeem left Golden Glory, where there were other strikers capable of beating him up, and making him pay for fighting like that, and came to train with the blackzilians, where there was nobody on his level in terms of striking.

    If he goes back to the methodical strategy we saw prior to the Lesnar fight, he has a huge technical advantage over Browne. Browne still might catch him, but it's the Reem's fight to lose.

    • He's an elite striker who got caught by the sloppiest front kicks I've seen in a long, long time. OMG. They should have a "worst move of the night" award! He could get a free MetroPCS phone, LOL. I know high school kids who'd throw that POS in the trash, ha ha.

  • I love this sort of stuff and it's the type of stuff that every fighter should be doing. You win fans in the Octagon and you have to keep them entertained and involved, during the months between fights. Reem's video certainly help do that for his fans.

    What I see in this video confirms a great deal of what I've sensed from The Demolition Man over the last few months and that's, that he is focused and has put his ego in check. He certainly seems to have found the no-nonsense, no-BS guy to put his ego in check.

    I'm hoping to see the best Reem we've ever seen tomorrow night. I hope I'm proven right in my faith that he's turned it around and that he'll won't fail any drug tests.

    • He does have to focus, seldom has someone had this much hype and confidence only to get KO'd in bad fashion. If Reem is as badazz a srtiker as everyone thought, how did Bigfoot survive until that KO? hmmmm
      My teacher didnt like me because I always asked hard questions.

    • True that….

      The thing is though… he doesn't and never really had an ego problem.
      He went a little wwe with some comments and all that but it was all to hype sh*t up.
      He's actually a really nice guy and there's little to no arrogance in his personality even though he came off that way. He's confident though as he should be cause he's a MONSTER. A monster that made a huge critical error and got slayed…

      His real downfall was moving to the U.S. and go through a training camp with new people that did not know how to get him in prime fighting shape.

      Losing to Bigfoot had nothing to do with his ego, that's a cheap excuse and easy way to sugar coat some real facts. He lost cause his striking did not get the proper "maintenance" cause he was no longer training with the top level dutch strikers he used to when he was still with Glory.

      He's never gonna come out and say: "Oh i lost cause i switched camp and they did not know how to get me into prime fighting shape", cause he would never give those pieces of sh*t's at Glory that satisfaction but that's exactly what it was.

      That's why he brought in Mike. The Blackzillian camp is great.. but a striker like Alistair's needs a striking coach and training partners at HIS level. Not a bunch of monkey's he can throw around and beat up all day with little to no effort.

      I'm happy to see he burned some of his muscle mass, most likely in exchange for improved cardio…. If the chemistry with Mike has been as good as it seems in the video, Travis is in a sh*t load of serious trouble! We'll see tomorrow…..!!

      • Experience, I feel you on most, if not all, of that.

    • I think that's wishful thinking and what I was alluding to in my other posts. Once someone has made a habit of taking shortcuts in life it's hard for them to turn things around- especially when the pressure is on. This guy couldn't last a single round with a low end HW! Could you imagine what a top 3 guy would do to him? He better hang it up before he gets hurt for real. Cheaters are always exposed and it's always better when it's sooner rather than later, you know?

  • Everything those Blackzillians touch turns to crap, ha ha.

    • I dont like Reem either but I take it easy on the staff who works hard to keep us busy. 8)

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