The absolute best MMA Knockouts of 2012


2012 was a year that saw some of the cleanest, most brutally devastating knockouts since I can remember. For a year that was soo inconsistent with events and scheduled opponents, we were treated to some truly shocking moments of severe blunt force trauma. My personal favorites being Lyoto Machida’s counter punch KO on Ryan Bader and #1 on my list by far, was Cung Le’s brutal KO on Rich Franklin.

The KO is a special moment in MMA. It’s that red button everyone tells you not to push, because of the danger and devastation it might cause. It’s that well-timed propelled fist to the face that hits just the right spot ever so perfectly, causing your opponent to temporarily part with his consciousness. And yet in a very sickening way, we all enjoy it so very much. We wouldn’t want it to happen to us, yet we can’t watch enough of it happening to other people.

Which brings me to this. 15 minutes of beauty for you to truly enjoy the moments that made us jump off the couch, pick our jaws up off the floor and scream out mountains of profanity.

I give you. The best knockouts of 2012:

  • Awesome video….I must admit I feel a bit traumatised watching replays of mark munoz take that ridiculous beating from Chris Weidman….The amount of shots and pool of blood on the canvas was sickening…..plenty of knockouts but the standouts for me was the russian with the suplex, cung lee and rich franklin knockout and the edson barboza spinning heel kick. But they were all amazing….too hard to rank.

    • My fav is Mike Swick his story prob has more to do with it.

      • @D.S…mike swick was looking like a title holder at one point. His comeback knockout was definetly great. Was he cut or injured previously?

    • D

      I'm not going to rank the others, but that wheel kick was far and away the best. I can't think of a better KO in MMA ever, let alone this year. Incredibly high degree of difficulty technique, and absolutely perfectly accurate. Sometimes they say a guy is out "before he hits the ground". That guy was unconscious before Barboza finished wiping his toes across his forehead.

      • @mousasi it maybe the best or at least one of the best knockouts in sports history, there has been some otherworldly KOs in combat sports before but can anyone tell me of a knockout which was as fluent with absolute perfect technique, position and just the way he threw it and spun his body was grace!

        Badr Hari had a similar KO before but I IMO Barboza's looked even better

  • That wheelkick may be my favorite KO of all time. It's just so awesome looking and rare.

    • @G3ARHEAD…..I think they said it was the first ever spinning heel kick KO in the UFC. The only other kick that rivals it was the anthony petis cage kick and the gabriel gonzaga head kick of crocop.

      • Machida and Silva both have clean front kick KOs which are quite rare also, but I agree with the spinning heel kick. It is a gem which currently shines rosier than any other.

      • @G3ARHEAD… Watching it again. I think you're right. That Spinning Heel kick was a thing of beauty and super rare. Probably was the best KO of 2012 overall.

        I just like Cung Le's because of the way Franklin fell he was out way before he hit the ground.

        On a side note. Seeing the Weidman stoppage again was disgusting, was Josh Rosenthal waiting for Munoz to die?? I don't get it.

        • D

          I don't know why people are freaking out about the Munoz stoppage…yeah he took some unnecessary shots on the ground. Yeah there was a lot of blood (which had NOTHING to do with the late stoppage since it came from the elbow when they were standing).

          The Johnson vs Barry and Johnson vs Beltran stoppages were far worse in my opinion. Maybe they didn't take as many unnecessary shots, but they took them from a much more powerful guy who was in a much better position to generate power, since both guys were out on their feet. In the Beltran fight, the last three uppercuts were literally lifting him back up and keeping him from falling down.

        • Munoz must have banged Rosenthal's Old Lady.

      • @enjoylife The "Showtime kick" Pettis landed was brilliant but it takes away from it that it never finished.

        There is a video that was on UFC Tonight with the best Kick KOs in UFC history, the top 4 were Barboza's spinning heek kick, Anderson and Lyoto's front kicks and Gonzaga's roundhouse.

        • @keith…That video was cool….How close was Pettis to landing the knockout though, inches..The crane kicks were pretty sensational with head snapping back….I just don't want to write too much praise in case Steven Seagal is visiting the forum.

  • Great work Bryan.

  • great video but why put this crap rap to it?

    • PS: The more I see it the more I think Bonnar took a dive.

    • I agree, the music is f%cking horrible. I was thinking about re-doing it with some Rock music to it but I don't have the time lol.

      • D

        Most people have a mute button and plenty of their own music so I wouldn't worry about it.

  • Yah the wheel kick took the cake for me, I didn't even see that fight most of the other ones I had. Great vid, and despite what the critics say a little rap here and there isn't too bad.

    • whats the last song lol?

  • There may have been some great fights cancelled and an overall lesser year for MMA compared to the last couple… by one thing we had maybe better than another year was insane knockout one after the other

  • and on the actual video… wow. Might not be a creative masterpiece but some god damn long hours and hard work was put in! Thanks to the creator

    • god damn long? or just long?

  • Awesome wheelkick

  • I'd say this might be the best year of knockouts in MMA history, so many that are not just brutal but done with incredibly technique.

    My favorites are Barboza wheel kick, Lavar Johnson vs Joe Beltran and Cung Lee.

    But there are at least 10 others that could be on my top 3.