POLL: Should Anderson Silva Retire If He Loses To Chris Weidman At UFC 168?


There’s not much that Anderson ‘The Spider’ Silva hasn’t done in his 33-5 MMA career. The Brazilian had reigned atop the UFC 185lb. division with relative ease before losing to Chris Weidman at UFC 162.

The inevitable rematch that will go down at UFC 168 will be pivotal in deciding the future of the division, but also in that of Silva’s career path.. A second loss to Weidman would settle once and for all that Silva is done, at least in my opinion.

It is always hard to digest when a great fighter like Silva is done, it was much the same for me in the twilight of Fedor Emelianenko’s career. He had spent ten years at the top of his game and become a huge fan favorite. When his time came, I did have a hard time accepting it at first.

So what do you think, should Silva hang them up if Weidman is able to beat him again?

  • Depends, what if only the judges think he lost in a decision? Or what if he is winning and then his ankle gets broken or something? If Weidman clearly defeats him then maybe he could take a bow but then again what if it's just a style thing and Weidman can't take Vitor? He has accomplished more than anyone so it's really a whatever he wants to do thing in my opinion.

  • Impossible for a guy like Silva to retire on a loss he will fight against if he loses. I will say that Silva is going to do everything in his power to win and will probably only get stopped if the ref saves him if he does lose.

    I am pretty sure Silva is going to win convincingly. Probably his time has come and he needs to walk away.

  • Rory pokes at a beehive and prepares to back away quickly lmao….or sees few come out and says "ahhhh"

  • gm1

    anderson said in one of the press conferences we were going to see the New Anderson.
    I dont think anyone really believes that…
    Anderson has his own way of fighting, show boating, dropping his hands, waving his opponent to attack. He will not change….50/50 chance to win against a confident focused Weidman…

  • My comments magically keep disappearing.. hmmm… anyway what i posted hours ago was:

    "Silly question… the man is the GOAT! went 16-0 in the UFC and now IF (and its a BIG if) he loses 2 fights, people think he should retire. He's far from done… he didn't slow down one bit, he didn't look rusty or anything remotely close to that. He was Anderson being Anderson, did something stupid and paid for it. There is no reason to even be talking about retirement. "

  • Not that he should retire, but once a champion loses his dominant ways it's more obvious than a b level or lower ranked fighter. The public at least the fan base of a champ always hopes to see them leave on top ( very rarely happens though) and they don't want to see their champ on a downward spiral. So if he does lose again to Weidman you need to ask yourself would Silva had lost to Weidman 4 years ago? I don't think he would have…. If that's the case and he loses again. I think his camp should convince him to step away from the cage.

    • But that's the thing… he didn't loose his dominant ways… he acted stupid and got caught. I don't know what fight you was watching but Anderson did not look any different from the Anderson 4 years ago. Same man, same skill set, maybe even improved. Same speed… as i said before, 1 fight does not define ones career. Anderson was not outclassed or beat up or in serious danger at any time in the fight. He got caught, plain and simple. He's not a God, he's a man of flesh and blood. Bleeds just like any other and can get hurt like any other and that day was just Weidman's day.

  • That is what makes this match soooo interesting….so many questions.

    1. Did Silva ONLY lose because he was clowning or would have lost anyway?
    2. If Weidman beats Silva can Weidman beat the rest of the division? If he loses to Vitor, Jacre or Machida will Silva fight any of those people
    3. Is Silva losing to Weidman about Silva losing a step or is Weidman just that good.
    4. Silva will have become what Rich Franklin was…does he fight at 205 or does he fight people who he calls friends who fill out the rest of the top 5 (Vitor, Jacre, Machida, Munoz)