Rampage Jackson Claims The UFC Is Losing The Ratings War With Bellator


Quinton ‘Rampage’ Jackson has been one of the most outspoken fighters in modern MMA, even back in his Pride FC days. The former UFC light-heavyweight champion left the promotion on less than savoury terms with Dana White, and has blasted his former employers at every opportunity since.

Now fighting for Bellator, Jackson scored his first win in nearly three years in his debut; knocking out fellow UFC castaway Joey Beltran in under a round. Now booked to face Christian M’Pumbu at Bellator 110, Jackson sat down with Fight Hub TV to discuss his former bosses:

“If people were trying to decide on who to sign with, Bellator or the UFC, I would ask them to ask themselves what’s more important to them? Longevity in a career? Or just being able to tell your friends that you fought in the UFC?”

“Granted, the UFC is the premier league right now. They’re pretty much the name, they’re the name that everybody recognize. So many people even think our sport is called UFC.”

Obviously Rampage is more inclined to be critical of the UFC because of his heated rivalry with DW, but recent press about the UFC has been rather centred around the poor working conditions for their athletes. Jackson continued:

“If you want longevity, I would go with a company like Bellator that you can grow with. And here’s a secret that the UFC won’t tell you, and will never tell you, but right now Bellator is getting more ratings than the UFC. And sponsors understand stuff like that.”

“So a lot of sponsors are going to come over and jump to Bellator and UFC sponsorships are going to go down because if you don’t have the ratings you don’t have the commercial money and the people to watch the commercials and you don’t have the endorsement dollars.”

.This would be big news if it were backed up by hard evidence. Not that I don’t trust Jackson’s word, well actually it is because I don’t trust his word. I’d be very interested to see it the whole thing plays out like he says. I suppose the proof will show in the UFC/Bellator state of affairs over the next few years. Check out the full interview below and stay tuned to LowKick.com!

  • I might not agree with certain things in the UFC, but come on!!!

    • Bellator may not get even close to the UFC in terms of views but one thing is true
      Bellator growth of popularity is rising really fast while the UFC ratings and views seem to be lower than previous years.
      So technically you can say that Bellator is going up while the UFC is going down, regardless of how big the gap is between the 2 organizations Rampage has a point. It things remain the same its only matter of time before Bellator equals the UFC in terms of viewers and popularity and this time the UFC can't buy Bellator because Bellator is own by Viacom now.
      So Dana better step up his game.

  • Of course they have more "longevity," if you try to leave, they sue you. If you add that to their signing process only requiring you have a record (professional or criminal) then it's definitely the 'go-to' organization for more people.

  • cause the UFC has never taken a fighter to court, or hired guys with criminal records

  • gm1

    Just Retire Quintin!!!!
    Funny that Ramp[age has made most of his money from UFC but now he is throwing praises to Bellator…. WHATEVER LOSER

  • Sometimes i just wish Rampage would keep his mouth shut, spare us the excuses, leave the fried chicken alone, train harder and just FIGHT!

    • gm1

      hahahahaha…..you got that right…

    • I agree with you…….except for the fried chicken man come on dude

  • Fried chicken comment is kinda racist and lets everyone know you are white and kinda douchey.

    • Yeah bro' cause i look sooooooooooo white in my profile pic! smfh!

      There's nothing racist about it, it's a well documented fact that Rampage loves him some Fried Chicken and it's been fucking his diet up…

      Here's a quote from the horse's mouth:

      "My ex-wife is Japanese, so I get Japanese food all the time. But, some things I can’t get, and it’s gonna sound really stupid, but I can’t wait to go to the 7-Eleven and get that chicken that they have. I’m black, man. I like that little fried chicken. It’s better than KFC, [better than] everybody. That little fried chicken they got behind them little window things, man. It costs like $2. I go and I get me a big bag full and they be like, ‘No! No! You gotta leave some for the other people.’ I’m like, ‘Koku-jin. I’m black, man. You can’t tell me I can’t buy this chicken. What’s wrong with you? He’s like, ‘Go to the other store down the street.’ We got into an argument over chicken. So I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get kicked out of a 7-Eleven after my fight trying to buy up all the fried chicken."

      • Don't worry XP…I knew what you meant, I heard the quote before and saw the interview with ariel helwani

  • I still sharper you though because aside from the unfortunate comment you are correct.

    • "I'm" meaning "I am"….sorry had to do that after the reply lol