Rampage: I Still Don’t Give A F*** About The UFC


Former UFC light heavyweight champion and current Bellator Tournament finalist Quinton “Rampage” Jackson has never pulled any punches about his dislike for Dana White and the rest of the UFC.

The two had a, let’s just say, tumultuous relationship during “Rampage’s” drama-filled stint with the promotion. Despite Jackson bringing in many fans with his exciting style, he ultimately refused to re-sign with the UFC after losing to Glover Teixeira at UFC on FOX 6.

Jackson claimed that a series of brutal knee injuries kept from fighting his normally aggressive style, leading to three straight losses to end out his Octagon tenure.

Apparently those woes have since cleared since he joined Bellator. “Rampage” was last seen defeating former champ Christian M’Pumbu at Bellator 110 in late February to set up a “grudge match” with Muhammed Lawal in the finals at the promotion’s inaugural pay-per-view on May 17.  

“Rampage” appears to be finding his groove at Bellator, so much so that he’s leaving the UFC in the rearview mirror. He spoke up to FightHubTV with some choice words for the world’s biggest MMA promotion:


  • How convenient for you Rampage because your not a Hall of Famer and the UFC doesn't give a fuck about you either. I wish you would just be quiet and continue to bask in your current state of mediocrity.

  • Rampage never has to worry about his kids college bills. He is a millionaire. However, he is part of the generation of fighters that sees Dana White as the Don King promotor who took 90% of the revenue and only handed out 10%. If you were rampage and you knew a PPV you headlined generated 50 million plus gates and sponsorships and everything else and you only got paid a couple of million you would feel cheated if you compared it to the Floyd mayweathers of this world who get guaranteed 20 million a fight

  • he starts to don't give a fuck since he's not able to compete with the best anymore…

  • If the UFC Hall of Fame wasn't a big joke — which it is — without a doubt Rampage would be a shoo in (along with Frank Shamrock).

    Rampage unified the Pride and UFC titles, ended Chuck Liddell's reign, and was one of the biggest pay-per-view draws of his time.

    Anyone notice how Tito Ortiz got erased off the Hall of Fame on the UFC website? The UFC Hall of Fame is Dana White's personal fanboy list of fighters.

    Rampage is spot on here. Who the fuck cares about the UFC Hall of Fame?

  • I think Rampage is one of those celebrities that's really likable, but if you were to meet him, you would probably think he was an *** hole.

  • If Rampage is still worrying about how to pay for his kids college tuition he needs to go see someone to help plan his finances out.

  • Ufc hall of fame=ufc employee of the month list. Rampage and Frank deserve their spot on there.

  • Who does vote for the UFC hall of fame? is there any legitimate subject matter expert outside the UFC who vote fighters in that Hall of Fame? I don't think the UFC Hall of Fame has any credibility outside the UFC. This is just my personal view it's not a big deal to be in the UFC hall of fame it's as Dbish99 say "UFC hall of fame = UFC employee of the month"